Songs of My Year


2016 was a lot of things. Depending on who you are it was a very good year, full of happiness and growth. Alternatively… it may very well have been a terrible year marred by unwelcome imbalance and impending doom. Oh and anywhere in between, of course. Regardless of where you fall on the scale, I do believe we can all agree on one thing: It was a good year for music. I’ve compiled a list of the 20 songs released in 2016 that I feel are a good example of the vastness and diversity of the great music being produced in this day and age. My favorite songs of the year? Yes, my favorite. But I bet there is something here for you no matter what kind of music you like. This is in no particular order and the only requirement is that the single or album it was part of was released this year. I’ll limit myself to a sentence or two about each song.

1.  1000 Times by Hamilton Leithauser & Rostam

Album: I Had A Dream That You Were Mine

Produced by Rostam Batmanglij

I cheated, what can I say, this is my actual favorite song of the year. Hence the #1 spot. A perfect mix of a heart warming love tale buckled to the end of Leithauser’s raspy howls.

2. A Million Reasons by Lady Gaga

Album: Joanne

Producers: Mark Ronson, Stefani Germanotta, BloodPop

She’s outdone herself with the album Joanne and this song stands out. Showing growth in songwriting and appealing to an older audience.

3. Spit Out The Bone by Metallica

Album: Hardwired… to Self-Destruct Disc 2

Producer: Greg Fidelman

This is just what the doctor ordered. The pacey drums and blistering riffs hint that Metallica is at the top of their game.

4. PillowTalk by Zayn

Album: Mind Of Mine

Producer: Levi Lennox

This song debuted at #1 virtually EVERYWHERE in the world, breaking records while he was at it. Fucking in, fighting on.

5. Hearts/Wires by Deftones

Album: Gore

Producer: Matt Hyde

These guys are my favorite band and this album was a return to form in my eyes. This song brings your focus from melodic trance to dual roarings: Guitars and Chino.

6. The Numbers by Radiohead

Album: A Moon Shaped Pool

Producer: Nigel Godrich

Not much has to be said about who I think is the best band in the world. Radiohead numbs everything and this song has a nineties Radiohead feel to it. Elusive bastards.

7. We The People by A Tribe Called Quest

Album: We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service

Producer: QTip

I didn’t like this song from jump street… but it grew on me, you can’t argue with this beat.

8. New Song by Warpaint

Album: Heads Up

Producer: Jacob Bercovici

All girl rock alt-rock band makes a pop song. And they are gorgeous. Try to sit still to this one.

9. Me Too by Meghan Trainor

Album: Thank You

Producer: Ricky Reed

Only two possible questions: Do I include this song? Or How can I not include this song? Super catchy and…super catchy.

10. Faithfully by Skylar Spence

Album: Single

Producer: Ryan DeRobertis

Only song to be released in 2016 by for this guy (formerly Saint Pepsi). Do you know the sample? OK, it’s Aretha Franklin’s Wonderful

11. Loud(y) by Lewis Del Mar

Album: Lewis Del Mar

Producer: Max Harwood

Local heroes hailing from Rock Rock Rockaway Beach. How do I not know someone who knows them? Opening line on this song says it all “Can you please sit the fuck down”

12. Easier by Mansionair

Album: Easier

Producer: Mansionair

Three dudes from Sydney just making music to chill out to. Lyrics really hit home, does it get easier? Will I figure it out?

13. Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga  (Second time on the list, remember that come Grammy time)

Album: Joanne

Producers: Mark Ronson, Stefani Germanotta, BloodPop, Kevin Parker

Perfect pop song. Queens of the Stoneage front-man taking on some guitar duties with super producer Mark Ronson. Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker on drums. The album also boasts Beck and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine. Lady Gaga could have four songs on this list.

14. Gardenia by Iggy Pop feat. Josh Homme

Album: Post Pop Depression

Producer: Josh Homme

QOTSA frontman popping up AGAIN. This is a haunting melody that you should not miss. Iggy is an icon for sure.

15. Brazil by Declan McKenna (single released in 2015, EP in 2016. Got airplay in the USA only in 2016 so we’ll count it)

Album: Liar EP

Producer: Declan McKenna

17 years old. Can’t say enough about his still developing talent. This is a gem of a song.

16. Everything You’ve Come To Expect by The Last Shadow Puppets

Album: Everything You’ve Come To Expect

Producer: James Ford

Arctic Monkeys front-man Alex Turner is back at it again with Miles Kane, one of my favorite solo artists. Beautiful depth to this song, tongue twisting lyrics and did you see the dang video??

17. Everybody Dies by J. Cole

Album: Single

Producer: J. Cole

Watch out, J. Cole is taking names. A modern dis track that has a better beat than 98% of rap out there. Oh, you recognize that sample? Minnie Ripperton Inside My Love… you probably heard it on A Tribe Called Quest’s Lyrics To Go.

18. Magnificent (She Says) by Elbow

Album: Litte Fictions (2017)

Producer: Craig Potter

You’ll have to wait a bit for the album but this brilliant single will hold you over. Elbow have been around for 20 years so if you haven’t heard of them you need to rethink your music taste.

19. Blackstar by David Bowie

Album: Blackstar

Producer: Tony Visconti

Clocking in at 10 minutes, this song is a trip that opens up a can of whoop ass at the halfway mark. RIP

20.7 Years by Lukas Graham

Album: Blue Album (April 2016 USA release)

Producers: Future Animals

This song makes me wanna tear up. Not admitting if I actually do. But if a song makes you feel that much it’s a good one.

Listen, you are probably complaining. I don’t care, It took over 4 hours to put this together because I kept listening to all this dang music. Pretty impossible to narrow things down so there are some songs missing for sure.  So who is missing? What song should not be on this list? That’s it for now. Keep the needle on the record.


Don’t Be Stingy With Your Grief


It’s taken me years to be able to grieve. No, I should say it has taken me years to be able to grieve in a manner that is not debilitating. It only takes one, you lose one person close to you and it sets in motion a lifetime of grieving that will only be compounded by the addition of more loss. We add loss, it happens to everyone. Once you have loss, you can’t get rid of it. Lose a parent, gain a child… you are still down one life. So we learn to manage it. We learn to manage our grief so that our grief does not manage us. I know all about being riddled with grief having lost both of my parents. A physical, mental, and spiritual breakdown of all things YOU. A crippling of your will, a weakening of your drive, a proverbial dampening of your powder… you can never be quite ready.

Three years after the passing of my mother, I am finally showing signs of life. A new man? Not quite, but a better man than the one I once was. Loss has a way of proving to you what is important, and it surprises you with revelations of what is now extraneous. I could write about the process for the next two years, but I’ve only come here to share a program that I owe my sanity and resilience to. It’s called GriefShare and it is very likely being held in a neighborhood near you.

So my description of it would be a group facilitated by people who have experienced a significant loss, that is geared towards people struggling to get on with life after losing a loved one. It is very much (Christian) faith based, but all are welcome. You start with a 20 minute video, then a discussion about the days topic (presented by the video), followed by some personal sharing if anyone is interested.  It’s typically a weekly meet-up that will run about 14 weeks, the frequency and duration being very important in building relationships and camaraderie within the group. Answering “how was your week?” is much easier than answering “how was your month?”, a monthly group would have never sufficed for me. I can’t stress enough how important it is to set time aside to grieve and work through your emotions. If you are anything like me you will push it deep down inside and let your feelings see as little daylight as possible. This often results in sporadic grief sneak attacks. I’ve found that setting aside a time to focus on my grief makes those surprise attacks few and far between. GriefShare is that time for me, it’s my weekly time of reflection and purposeful focus.

Click here to find a GriefShare near you

I’ve just started my 3rd round of GriefShare, there is absolutely no maximum number of times you should go through this process. Every moment of it helps. When you’ve gone through the GriefShare process you won’t simply know how to help yourself, but you will find that you are also able to help others that are struggling to cope with grief. If you do find a group and it has already started, go anyway. You can jump in at any week and it will still be very beneficial.

Now I often say this last part, but I never get a response. I am always available to anyone that has lost someone and am open to discussing what I’ve gone through as well as helping you find what may work in assisting your grief journey. I am also willing to just listen. You can be a stranger, you can be a friend, it does not matter to me. I am here to help. If you have my number, use it. If we are friends on Facebook, message me.

For everyone else:


Verbal Accost


There is something about me that makes a drunk liberal say “I need to drop all my liberal angst and anger on this guy, like right now”. This is a conversation from a few nights ago. I was sitting at home in my boxer briefs minding my own damn business when this dude, whose name has been changed to protect his identity, sends me a video of Shep Smith from Foxnews. It’s midnight. The following took an hour:


Angry Liberal

Please watch that. It’s Fox News actually saying this. This isn’t a Democrat crying.


David A Whoie

Seen it, it’s not new


Angry Liberal

I know it’s not.

Just thought you might care. But probably not.

Most of the deplorables don’t.


David A Whoie

i care about what happens from jan 20 on

Angry Liberal

Haha Nice

David A Whoie

You really shouldn’t let this stuff get to you, it’s not healthy

Angry Liberal

So Russian hacking and interfering in the United States election process?

You don’t care

You’re just happy he won. And you’re moving on.

David A Whoie

I’d move on quickly no matter what the result, just like i did the 2 elections before

politics is not something to dwell on

Angry Liberal

So you don’t care that a world power that we oppose is hacking into our government.

David A Whoie

Sure I care

Angry Liberal

Oh right 😊

Looks like it

David A Whoie

but what is this president going to do about it


Angry Liberal


David A Whoie


Angry Liberal


David A Whoie

Just like he does with everything else

Angry Liberal

Oppose who they pushed into office. Understand that this was an act of warfare. Not to be so easily allowing of such callous acts.

David A Whoie


so what are we doing about it

going to war?

Angry Liberal

Sanctions. Kicking Russian dignitaries out of the country. Closing certain Russian centers. But you could post about it.

Say that you are opposed to this and act like you care

Rather than getting over it so quickly and moving on because you don’t care at all.

Post on your page that you’re against this atrocity.

David A Whoie

what evidence exists of the hack

or was it influence

Angry Liberal

Show your deplorable friends that you actually care about the country

David A Whoie

Was it just that Russians may have made the dems transparent, something they clearly couldn’t afford?

Angry Liberal

Rather than just your side. Because it’s not just your tea party GOP party. It’s the United States of America that is being threatened.

See? You don’t care. Okay.

Just making sure I understand you.

David A Whoie

Your party lost you the election, you should take it up with them


Angry Liberal

I didn’t before

I do now

Angry Liberal

Your side of Fox News actually said that this was Russian hacking.

So how do you call yourself American when you clearly don’t care about America?

David A Whoie

Apparently i just see clearer than you

Which is often the case when I am head to head with liberals.

Angry Liberal

All of those intelligence agencies said it was Russian hackers.

David A Whoie

What did the hackers do, exactly?

Angry Liberal

So you trust the FBI when they influence the election and sway voters by talking about Clinton’s emails. Yet you don’t care about all of these intelligence agencies saying that the Russians interfered with our election process?

David A Whoie

interfere with voting machines?

or exposed dem emails

which is it?

Angry Liberal


You really are that far gone

David A Whoie

nope, right here

you’d be close by if you were a normal democrat

but you are so hard left that it’s almost like you are 18 years old.

Angry Liberal


FBI, DHS release report on Russia hacking

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Thursday released a joint report detailing how federal investigators linked the Russian government to hacks of Democratic Party organizations.The document makes clear reference to the hacks of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and Hillar…

David A Whoie

So the evidence is damning

Why is the election… the results standing up?

Wouldn’t the president have the power to show proof and have things grind to a halt?


Angry Liberal

FBI and Homeland Security detail Russian hacking campaign in new report

Experts say report is too little too late and comes after several others from private sector detailing alleged exploits of groups Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear

David A Whoie

Your party is still in charge

What are they doing about it

Angry Liberal

I told you

David A Whoie

sanctions? that is like a slap on the wrist

Angry Liberal

Are you even reading what I’m typing?


David A Whoie


Angry Liberal

Are you THAT far gone?

David A Whoie

36 people going home?

theyll be back

Angry Liberal

You can’t even read what I’m typing.

David A Whoie

Right, I’ve lost the ability to read

I suppose I have resorted to cursing and name-calling too

You know how weak minds work

Angry Liberal

You’re just spewing right-wing crap and not reading what I’m typing, or the information in the reports?

David A Whoie

Can’t keep composure

Easily angered when they can’t grasp concepts fast enough

i follow politics daily, i don’t have to read your links

Angry Liberal

You just ask questions like “what did they really do” rather than actually get upset that a foreign nation affected our nation


Oh I’ll bet you do

David A Whoie

Yes i do

Angry Liberal

As far right with no facts whatsoever


Yep. Solid news indeed.

David A Whoie

You don’t really need to let me hear all this, i give liberals a fair shake

you should be thinking about 2018 and 2020

your party is in shambles

top to bottom

Angry Liberal

Oh you really do give Liberals a fair shake

You’re as fair and balanced as anyone could ever be

David A Whoie

majority of my friends are liberals

Angry Liberal

You’re a true American

David A Whoie

i only get anger from you

Angry Liberal

You’re not some crazy whacko that should never be allowed to vote. Oh no.

Not you. Whoever said that should be ashamed of themselves.

David A Whoie

if that’s how you feel

Angry Liberal

Why would anyone ever say that? It’s ridiculous to even fathom.

David A Whoie

i see you want to take this to the gutter

i have no desire

Angry Liberal

You’re a true patriot who doesn’t have a biased bone in his body

David A Whoie

thank you

Angry Liberal

You care about this country through and through.

David A Whoie

indeed i do

that’s the spirit, nice turn around

I live in NY, I didn’t vote in the general.

Angry Liberal

It must be difficult to even think that there are people out there who don’t care about the sanctity of this government the way you do.

David A Whoie

The only dem id vote for in ny is schumer

Angry Liberal

It’s just crazy to even think of. I can’t. I won’t.

David A Whoie

does it make you feel better to go off on me?

like i did something to you

or like i am trump

cause i feel like I’ve never wronged you

Angry Liberal

The CIA, the FBI, and other intelligence agencies. You trust their work. You stand behind our government and aren’t pro-Russia.

David A Whoie

i didn’t even vote against your candidate

Angry Liberal

Hey man. I’m standing up for you. 😊

You’d vote for Chuck? Don’t peddle your lib-tard agenda over here. You lost. Fair and square.

David A Whoie

lost ny, for sure

Angry Liberal

I could give a rats ass if Satan himself took all of the votes and changed them to be votes for Trump

Love it or leave it. That’s what I say.


David A Whoie

We can’t just agree to disagree right? That would be too simple

Angry Liberal

He won. He’s a true American. He’s going to save this country. Just look at who he filled his cabinet with.

True Americans. That’s who.

You’re just a lib-tard who can’t stop crying because they lost.

David A Whoie

did you follow politics closely 12 years ago

Angry Liberal

Love it or leave it

That’s all

Speak English

Be a Christian or get out.

Don’t be gay.

If you’re a woman, get back in the kitchen and shut up.


David A Whoie

i find women cant often cook as good as i can

i have loads of gay friends

none of them are mad at me

Angry Liberal

Well then get out

And tell them to get out This is America.

David A Whoie

it is america

wish i could understand the hysteria ya’ll are experiencing

Angry Liberal


David A Whoie

you shouldn’t let this stuff get you this wound up

Angry Liberal

Aw thanks

That’s some solid advice

You really do care. I knew you did.

You’re just a good natured person.

David A Whoie

do you know how many seats ya’ll are behind in the senate?

do you know where you should be focused on picking some up in 2018?

Angry Liberal

When you’re going around giving such sweet advice, do you look in the mirror and give yourself a thumbs up?

David A Whoie

you should really be forward thinking, its your job to take the power back, not anyone’s to give it back

two wet thumbs actually

Angry Liberal

There you go again. Such a giving, good natured person.

David A Whoie

Perspective is everything

Angry Liberal

You care about this country, and everyone in it.

Must be awesome being so well-rounded and knowledgeable.

David A Whoie

its a gift and a curse, to be honest

Angry Liberal

I can imagine

David A Whoie

this type of behaviour will gain you no ground with republicans

i’d imagine it builds resentment, not with me. I’ve already forgiven you for calling me deplorable and suggesting that i am a whackjob.

Angry Liberal

I never called you that directly

David A Whoie

i mean I’m the only one here

Angry Liberal

And anyone who is okay with Trump in office I do not care to really know anyways.

They can resent me all they want

David A Whoie

that makes no sense

 Angry Liberal

Why would I care if a racist, xenophobic, bigoted misogynistic person doesn’t care about me?

I feel as those the people who voted for Trump should live somewhere else. Maybe Russia.

Yeah. I rarely make sense anymore. You know that.

David A Whoie

trump is who we got

i had no hand in getting him in

he’ll get his chance to prove himself

and thats about it, if he sucks he is gone in 4

Angry Liberal

The people who wanted him in office should be vetted. And the refugees from Syria should come and take their place in our country.

David A Whoie

he’ll get 8 though

unless he decides 4 is enough, which i dont put past him

Angry Liberal

The people who either voted for him, or wanted him to win aren’t really Americans. They don’t understand this country and never will.

David A Whoie

in which case his vp would run, and you would be left with 12 years straight at least of republicans

Angry Liberal

They are racist outsiders who do not understand what it means to be a true American.

Those who say that Obama was the worst president don’t deserve to live here.

David A Whoie

he wasn’t the worst or most ineffective

but he was close

well depends, he had some agendas that he forced through for sure

the president doesn’t write law, believe it or not

Angry Liberal

These are awful people who do not understand the way this country was meant to move forward.

David A Whoie

how are your 50 or 60 million people right and the 50 60 that voted for trump wrong

does that ever happen?

Angry Liberal

The LGBT community benefited because they are human beings who deserve the chance to live just like everyone else.

Angry Liberal

So those who voted for Trump or feel as those Obama was the worst president really shouldn’t live in a western, progressive country like America.

They would probably be happier in Russia anyways.

David A Whoie

i believe you would

youre a socialist arent you?

it’s not a bad word you know

Angry Liberal

Russia controls its people. The press. Etc. Gay people are demonized and destroyed. Women are second class citizens. It’s a great place for deplorables. Putin loves killing people who are against him.


David A Whoie

you know who loves gay people?



This concluded the program. I think he fell asleep. That or needed some warm milk and and a body pillow to cuddle up to.






ISIS has a problem and it’s not what you think. They aren’t being sought out and destroyed with extreme prejudice. They aren’t being adulated by the world as some almighty threat that needs intense scrutiny and attention. They’ve been marginalized and given dirty looks. Ladies and Gentlemen, they have an inferiority complex and we gave it to them. They want to be treated like a dangerous world power. They want the respect a recognized state would receive when pulling such villainous shenanigans.  They want war, but they just get a talking to and lots of inaction. I think we should give them the satisfaction of getting what they want. Face it, they’re not going to stop. You know how they are. And all these stern denouncements on TV are just firing them up. I can hear them now. For all intents and purposes, Pinky and the Brain are ISIS:


“How many did we kill, Pinky?”

“reports say about 45 right now, Brain”

“What have the Americans said?”

“Stop doing that”


WWPATBD? An acronym for what would Pinky and the Brain do. The same thing they always do, try again tomorrow. The motivation doesn’t go away and is hardly weakened by world efforts to quash the persistent acts of war waged on the universe. I’m not mistaken, give them space ships and they will attack aliens. They are the frustrated bunch and you’d think we (USA) would be. But there is seemingly nothing they can do that will make us spring into action like the super power we are… or at least used to be. Perhaps one day soon we won’t take their shit anymore. We don’t even hurt them in any way. In fact, we help them by meddling with the power structure of other nations that have in the past helped to check these militant groups and prevented them from spreading like wildfire. They fight on, we move our military further away from them. It’s actual insanity. We have a few choices and the sooner the US figures it out, the better. We either fight them here or we fight them there. We either bounce around the world cleaning up after they inflict mass casualties or we wipe them out, immediately. I’d pick the proactive route.  Currently, we do nothing. You can impose sanctions on an unrecognized state, but they won’t recognize them. They are not a conventional organization so why do we consider conventional methods of dealing with them? It’s wobbly moral ground we stand on, not wanting to attack them for fear of the innocents. What are the people they attack? Guilty of living?  I could go on and on about how we’ve perpetuated their existence and extended their longevity but that would take ages. The problem right now is that we are not giving them the attention they crave and deserve. They need our military’s attention in a bad way and I say we give it to them.


Please Disregard.


The latest and greatest buzz is about the tried and true electoral college and how it no longer fits the needs of this glamorous nation. Well, before the 2016 election that wasn’t the case but this particular election showed us how flawed a system it really is. To some. People are crying for it’s dissolve, in effect insisting that the feelings and beliefs of New Yorkers and Californians far outweigh those of the rest of America. We should be using the popular vote to elect our president, right? How do we quiet this babble. How can people be convinced that the system created by our founding fathers is a necessary one? It’s tough because they are box thinkers. Might have to show them. Kind of like how they’d love to filibuster Trump’s cabinet and judicial nominees but they can’t because at one time it was favorable for them to restrict that power. Now the rules need a vote to be changed, a vote they can’t win because the democrats do not and can not control anything at the moment…most especially, themselves. When the law is weakened, people suffer. When rules change, it’s hard to change them back. People love it when the non-application of the law or constitution benefits them, but they will be the first to point at the rulebook and hold up the constitution when they feel wronged.  So get rid of the electoral college, let’s pretend it’s gone. Now what? Now let’s switch the numbers around. GOP registered voters skyrockets (which I think will happen in real life)… When the left loses ONE election by the popular vote they will call for the re-establishment of the electoral college. They will all of the sudden be constitutionalists. It’s mercenary politics that they play and it’s by that game that they defeat themselves. I’m not complaining. They can live in a fantasy world if they want to, they simply should not be surprised that we remain unlike them in that we do not dream in crayon.

Chocolate Death

Of all the ways to die, Svetlana Roslina found the sweetest. The Russian chocolate factory worker fell into a vat of chocolate earlier this week and she did not live to tell the sweet tale. There are conflicting stories circulating surrounding the circumstances of this horrible tragedy. Some say she fell in while adding ingredients to the mix, others say she dropped her mobile phone in the vat and unsuccessfully tried to retrieve it. No one has claimed that she actually wanted to die in a vat of chocolate, though many have admitted to wanting to bathe themselves in chocolate on a daily basis. This is her:


Svetlana Roslina, a sweetheart

A local source said “She was minced. Only her legs were left.” Minced. This is what minced pork looks like:


When you hear about someone falling into a vat of chocolate you really want them to come out looking something like this:


Not this:


Or this:


Very sad, she had a husband and two young children. That being said, if you had to die… would a vat of chocolate be that bad? Yes?

Here is the original article: Mother dies after falling into huge vat of melted chocolate