Casey Walks the Walk, The Rest of us Talk the Talk.

Not Guilty. Cue the national outrage, which quite frankly makes no sense at all. The system wasn’t beat by an ingenious criminal mind using a masterstroke of trickery. It was let down by an arrogant, blood-thirsty prosecution that was apparently being led by emotion. Such a wicked leader emotion makes.  Casey Anthony is Roger Rabbit Bonkers, but was that a good enough reason to assume she would fold in fear at the sound of “death penalty” or “life in prison” ? After putting an ear to the ground, it seems the best explanation as to why the prosecution tried to slam dunk a medicine ball is that they were positive Casey and the defense would be shaken to the core and plea out to some football numbers as opposed to facing the chair (or whatever the kill shot of choice is these days). Brings up a couple valid questions. Who on the defense side had the platinum balls? If she was guilty as sin of murder, is it to be believed that she had no fear whatsoever of being found guilty? Was she the one that was adamant in saying “I am not copping out to anything, I did not kill my daughter” Or was it Jose Baez and Los Abogados Locos that were saying “Don’t sweat this, you aren’t copping out to anything, you are getting off this” Surely the prosecution found themselves in a bind when they realised that they were going to have to actually see this one through. Big mistakes by the State of Florida. The only thing bullet proof in this case was the outrage surrounding it. Everything else was as water tight as a lace Speedo.


Blame the jury, right? Wrong, and one thing is for certain. Nobody really wants to trade places with them. Its easy from here isn’t it? To chastise and berate the 12 men and women that chose to believe Casey is innocent. That wasn’t the case though. One would be hard-pressed to find someone that believes Casey is innocent… but was she convictable as a result of the tireless effort of the prosecution? Hell no. Paying attention to social media will prove that many flat out hope “this bitch dies or gets what’s coming to her”    She got what was coming to her didn’t she? It was just given to her yesterday. Don’t mistrust the process now, look how far its gotten us.


Spotlight = Outrage. In actuality, people get acquitted of heinous crimes all the time, all over the world. We just know about this one. Given the option, I’d much rather defend this case than prosecute it. Does anyone beg to differ? No matter what happened to little Caylee, it is certain that Casey knows about it. If there was an accident and she panicked and covered it up, she is 100% guilty of something. That something just isn’t Murder one or two. It’s most probable that there was an accident, and even more likely that there are more parties involved than just Casey. The prosecution could not get a cause of death to stick, and they couldn’t unearth an accomplice before or after the fact. As a result you don’t even get a manslaughter charge. Assuming Casey knows what happened, the truth may have been dragged out of her… had the State was not tried to sentence her to death for murder. In hindsight, they must be wishing they had gone for manslaughter as a top charge and not had a death sentence verdict looming over the jury’s heads. The prosecution insulted the jury and the entire judicial process by attempting to sentence someone to death with such shoddy damning evidence.


People want to look at the jury and ask what’s wrong with them because they didn’t choose to take Casey’s life. I would have asked what was wrong with them had they decided to. Again, not innocent – just not convictable. Still, Casey got off easier than I ever would have imagined. A more appropriate decision would have pinned her to a manslaughter charge. After an appeals process she would be out of prison in less than a decade, but that is still punishment for her insensitivity, deception, apathy, and likely involvement in the accidental death and intentional disposal of her daughter. Casey made out this time, but it’s not her fault she made out. It’s not the jury’s fault she is going to be set free. Casey very well may have killed her daughter, but the burden of proof lies with the State of Florida and they should have weighed the evidence and gone for a charge that would have stuck. Scold them if you need to.


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