Making the Tea Party Right

Westchester County Center: White Plains, NY

I went to my first and I’d like to say last (probably not my last) Tea Party rally yesterday evening. I say last because what the conservatives don’t need right now is to be divided. Any off shoot party is going to cause excitement, its going to rally people behind a cause, and in this case it has the potential to divide the Republican Party against itself. Divide and fall, there are several historical examples of this happening…how do you think Jimmy Carter got into office?

It was fun, and I of course agree with many of the things that were said. The healthcare bill was trash, the government is too powerful, our vets are heroes and should be treated as such, Jefferson was brilliant, and Reagan is still our leader. What was disturbing and uncomfortably popular throughout the rally, was the whole “all incumbents out” theme. I don’t know if this goes on at all tea parties, but in any event it shouldn’t be preached. I almost booed but decided to keep my mouth shut, lest the masses realise I was there and fancied getting all 1953 on me. Of course that was a joke, and the minority presence was definitely felt there; it was refreshing and reassuring and is a common and surging scene throughout the States. Back to my point: There are plenty of incumbents on both sides of the party spectrum that do a brilliant job and deserve to be reelected. From my team namely: John Boehner and Mitch McConnell, top congressional republicans that have stood their ground in opposition of socialist agendas and represented the conservative ideals proudly. Once you start talking about “all incumbents out” you include them and you piss me off. So in effect what has just happened? I agree with you on all these wonderful points, but will stand against you in defiance because we disagree on something that means a lot to me. This isn’t necessarily how I will react, but there are plenty of people that will react in exactly that manner. Now the party divides. Now the party falls. You know what the democrats will call it? Divide and conquer. Once we split, our votes split, and a “united” left wing gets their candidate into office.

What do we do now? Well luckily this has been curtailed before by a one Ronald Reagan in 1977. People believed the answer was to form another party. He stated that we don’t need another party when we have the Republican Party which is the single largest grouping of conservatives in the country. “It makes more sense to build on that grouping than to break it up and start over.” This is what we need to do now, build on the party we have. Of course some Tea Party ideas are going to be a bit radical and not in the Bill and Ted way. There is a lot of time between now and the next presidential election and the Tea Party has yet to settle on its feet. It has supposedly drawn together those from across the political spectrum, but are Democrats really all of a sudden conservative? The Tea Party will sort itself and its “members” out. Top republicans have to rein in the momentum of the Tea Partiers and give them some direction… maybe ground them a little; Mitt Romney has already started the process. (My jury is still out on Sarah Palin.) We share so many views and ideas and goals that we can’t let a few unrealistic dreams keep us apart. Tea Party, Republican Party: United by conservatism. In the end we want the same things and we agree that the leadership in this country is not unlike a socialist regime. It’s important that people who are conservative at heart don’t argue with people that are conservative at heart. We have plenty of arguing to do with liberals, Marxists, Communists, and Socialists. Come time to elect a NEW president, I believe that a leading figure out there will realign the Republican Party… and that person will be elected the next President of the United States.

Highlight of the rally: A Swedish man (I should say an American with a Swedish accent as he put it) spoke of the healthcare system in his country. (You know the national one ours is now modeled after) His mother, 84 years old, needed a minor surgery on her hand. She had to get a referral from a doctor for surgery. The hospital she was sent to wouldn’t do it, they referred her to another hospital out of town. They saw her, sent her home, and sent her a letter stating that due to her age and health they could not put her on the WAITING LIST for the surgery. His Aunt waited 18 months for a minor heart procedure. He is here to escape that sort of thing and as a proud American will do everything he can to prevent that type of socialism from occurring here.


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