Trust us, we know what we’re doing

That tends to mean “we know what we should be doing and what the outcome should be, but we aren’t positive it will end up that way”


Well the republicans have shown great resiliency during these mid term elections and have come back full force. They’ve taken power back in Congress in such a rare, forceful way that our parents weren’t even alive to see the last occurrence of this kind of power shift. Feels good… feels great as a matter of fact. Can’t help but think it would feel even better if we woke up on November 3rd and the election results were this huge surprise wrapped up in a gift box under the tree. They weren’t a surprise though. Anyone with any type of sense to them knew this was going to happen. It was more like asking for something for Christmas then getting it. Nice…wonderful in fact… but still not a surprise. For the democrats it was more like showing up at your surprise birthday party that you knew about, but had to pretend to be surprised anyway. I shouldn’t say that was the case for all dems because the ones in power knew what was going to happen and were most likely planning for a future that did not involve Congress. Surprisingly (not really surprisingly) a lot of my democrat friends would comfort each other and keep this false belief that these results would not happen. It reminds me of any war movie when someone has had their midsection removed by a mortar. The old mortar through the midsection trick is the best way to get people around you to tell you everything is going to be ok. I think the liberals knew they were dead on the battlefield.


Okay, none of this is my point. I don’t like bashing liberals, I am just pointing out facts. You guys really did this. A co-worker of mine was just last week telling me that early voting indicated overwhelming success was on the horizon for democrats. She’s mentioned nothing since then. I don’t tend to bash liberals because if I did I would only have 10 friends left. (You 10 are magnificent, glorious people and I certainly would make do with you)




What the republicans have done is make several promises of change. The nation has bought in and said yes this is what we want; here are the means by which you can do this for us. This effectively puts republicans in the same boat Obama was in when he got elected. I’m not delusional so I don’t think being conservative means you get a halo and a free ride through the gates. (I hear it does get you in the VIP line to see St. Peter though.) Things are going to go wrong, promises will be broken, people will be upset, and there is the little issue of presidential campaigning to begin in January 2011. (Nothing like more elections to pit a party against itself)  I guess the goal will always be to please more people than you disappoint… both are guaranteed to happen. Republicans have to keep in mind that they have won nothing but another chance to do what they always should have been doing: limiting government, freezing and lowering taxes, stimulating private enterprise, and upholding the constitution. (So much more but I’m using those) A lot of the recent talk has been of this bipartisan effort that must take place now since no one party can force things through. This sounds great to me, just great. Obama seems to have been laying the groundwork for these kind of talks and actually just as I am writing this I received a twitter update (yes, I know) saying Obama has invited the republican and democrat leadership of the house and senate to the white house on November 18th. Bravo! Of course I’ve heard it all from O before, but what I won’t do is give up on him. Why? Well because he is the president of the United States. I’ve stated again and again that he needs to relax his far left ideals and move central like Clinton did. This is his big opportunity to set up his re-election. If he shows he can work with a republican congress and get things in line, guess what? He gets a second term. He is now freed of the bitter influence of Nancy Pelosi (thank goodness) and Harry Reid may have been scared straight after barely weathering this last election. The words “bipartisan effort” have been heard coming out of Harry’s mouth recently, something he hasn’t said since 1986 when he was first elected to the senate (I made that up).


I am a big fan of John Boehner and trust he will be the next speaker of the house. He shows an eagerness to work with the White House in setting this country back on course. He has put himself out there and appears ready to shoulder the burden of pleasing a nation. Lord knows he is the fall guy; he is the face of this republican take over… he is the deliverer of this “Pledge to America” in the same way Newt Gingrich was with the “Contract with America” in 1994. Well he will have the opportunities now. I know he must feel the pressure. This is no easy task that is in front of him, but like I said, he seems up to it.


It’s a dangerous time, tumultuous political weather. We need to hold on to our hats and pray for the best.  The democrats have been shaken up and will have to regroup. It’s good for them. I think when they re-form and stop fighting amongst each other they will see what promoting the far left antics of Pelosi has done for them… nothing good. Republicans are on egg shells too and are in a glass house where everyone on the lawn has 20/20 vision. For lack of more effective terms, they need to get shit done and quickly. As Obama learned the hard way, us Americans are an impatient bunch. I eagerly look to the coming months and years and hope things get turned around. This could resurrect Obama’s presidency while at the same time allowing conservatives to gain in popularity. It’s an exciting time, what can I say?  You should think so too!


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