Boomin’ Grannie

Udpdate:  Bus bullies suspended; required to complete community service


Bullying is an issue. It’s a hot topic and one that will likely never go away. Usually we see the outcast kid who is different in some sort of way, made fun of or ridiculed for the way they simply are. It is disgusting, repulsive, but also a fact of life. There might have been a time in my life when I was teased and tortured. Imagine being half black, half Japanese and growing up in the suburbs when rap music is taking hold and you, for the most part, like rock and roll. My clothes weren’t that baggy and I didn’t speak any sort of way, I definitely didn’t have the fly haircut and all that jazz. Piss off, right? I did my share of teasing, though. For the wrong reasons, but that is what we do growing up. As I’ve (hardly) matured over the years, I tend to only poke fun at those people I like; just to be sure it is all in good fun. Some people can’t take it, but I don’t really care, honestly. If you don’t have a sense of humor, I am simply having a better time at life than you are.

It seems that most recently there is a buzz of a 68 year Karen Kline that was bullied by a bunch of fledglings on a bus ride to or from school, can’t recall which it was. Couple things about this. A part of me has a hard time sympathizing with this woman, what exactly did she think she signed up for? I am not siding with the kids at all and if I witnessed this sort of event I would have nipped it in the butt in two shakes, but why is a grown ass woman giving these children any air time at all? If you are going to tell me she is a softie or “slow” or something, I will refer you to the people that decided to place her in the position.  I don’t know that she has any disability, but I saw her quizzed about the event on national TV and wasn’t blown back by her cunning and deft rhetoric. It would have taken no more than an authoritative tone and stern look to strike the fear of God into these children; she simply didn’t have it in her. Not her fault at all, but again… she and those above her know the environment she was working in. It was in New York, by the way.

She is going to have over half a million dollars for her time when all is said and done.  At ten minutes, that is $50,000 per minute of torture. I wouldn’t even be talking. I feel sorry for her but to a point. She was crying. She shouldn’t have been crying… they are school children.  If she is that kind natured and passive maybe she should monitor the church van. Do church vans need monitoring? Still doesn’t forgive the actions of the children and my child would be on their way to military camp this summer vacation.  Either way you look at it, and mark my words; this is the best thing that has happened to this woman in a long, long time. Ask her and she’ll tell you she’d endure it again for the same outcome. Toughen up Granny; you have nothing to be ashamed of. You made it to 68 years of age which is commendable in itself.


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