Happy Birthday Pop!

I haven’t really spoken to my dad since 1999. Not because he fled with a mistress and pursued the life of a nomad Buffalo Soldier for hire, but because he passed away. This year on his birthday I just wanted to bring him up to speed on something I feel a little guilty about. Here goes. 




  I know you have always been against using curse words and general profanity, but I finally taught mom how to curse. One time I was explaining to her that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was the only conservative on The View. She said “holy shit!”. Another time she dropped an eggplant on the floor in the kitchen. She semi-yelled “fuck!”. I know, I know… but it was kind of funny. Anyway, I am sure heavens been fantastic. Happy Birthday!





Just noticed that this was taken on the same day he would pass, 32 years later.


1 Comment

  1. This is really nice – I like this better than the political stuff, lol. That’s freaky about the pic date.

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