Couple things to start:


  • A new word to me, but a definition I am so familiar with: Prebuttal – a response formulated in anticipation of a criticism. A tactic I’ve used against every girlfriend I have ever had, and I’m sure you are guilty of it too.
  • SOTU = State of the Union
  • Barack Obama enters and exits a room of hundreds of politicians with more grace and pizzazz than I could a room of 3 close friends.
  • I am 99% (pun intended) sure that as soon as Obama opened up his mouth to begin the SOTU, Biden reached down and put his phone on silent. 
  • John Boehner most likely had a fat dip of Skoal in his mouth, his lip game was out of control. Boehner is the type of guy that can’t mask his discontent with the current administration. If you missed the Mitch Daniels GOP response, you caught a summary of it on John Boehners face during the entire SOTU.


Some of you may have anticipated hearing a great campaign speech, a speech that was so packed with clapping points and positivity that the nation could do nothing but smile. Well that was only partly the case, wasn’t it? Last year’s SOTU was boring; I couldn’t muster up a paragraph about it. All everyone wanted to know was if Paul Ryan was high while giving the Republican response, his eyes red and glossed over like a cranberry-glazed holiday ham. This year brought much of the same, except Paul Ryan had Visine.  


Obama rarely misses when up to bat to give a speech… he is a great, charismatic speaker. Jon Favreau rarely misses when up to bat to write a speech… he is 30 years old and Obama’s lead speechwriter. Jealous? I am. You don’t have to agree with the president, you don’t even have to like him, but you have to be able to sound like him on paper. Not a bad gig. 


The RNC posted a video early this morning comparing sound bites of last year’s SOTU to this year’s.


It’s not outrageous for a few things to be repeated in similar ways, but having the same goals still, a year later, doesn’t exactly spell progress. How long can he say he continues to want to fix our broken immigration system before we get the point that it’s just not happening. I understand that certain things just sound good and are fun to say. For instance, even if all the roads and bridges in America were repaired and perfect, Obama would still say “crumbling roads and bridges” because I believe he gets a kick out of saying things are crumbling. (Crumbling. Maybe it’s me that gets a kick out of saying crumbling.)  Staffing labs is also fun. Obama really wants us to staff labs. We should all be lab staffers. Either way, these are things Favreau let carry over into this year’s speech.


Ok so what was different this time? Well, apparently Obama watched a bunch of Denzel Washington movies to learn how to be intimidating. I mean the tone he took at times made me nervous, he looked capable of violence. I think he wants to be gangster now, and I am talking smoke a bowl with Ron Paul then tell him it’s PCP, gangster. 


He did say this though: “Let’s never forget: Millions of Americans who work hard and play by the rules every day deserve a Government and a financial system that do the same. It’s time to apply the same rules from top to bottom: No bailouts, no handouts, and no copouts. An America built to last insists on responsibility from everybody.”

If someone wants to explain what he meant, please do. The way I take that is that he means “never again” or “unless you are too big to fail”


The other thing that stood out was his referencing Abraham Lincoln, a republican:

“Government should do for people only what they cannot do better by themselves, and no more.” 

In the same series of breaths he proposes multiple government agencies which increase the strength of the federal government.  Can anyone honestly say that Obama has done what he can to lessen government meddling and influence? I doubt conservatives are so dazzled by his Lincoln quote that they forget the facts.


I’m not saying that Obama has been an unsuccessful president, let’s face it, he has done much of what he set out to do. Some of those things just had botched outcomes. It’s no wonder working with republicans has been so hard for him… he didn’t need to when democrats had a super majority in congress. He was in a favorable situation that would have any president salivating: carte blanch for 2 years. He wanted universal healthcare, he pushed it through. He wanted a bailout, he pushed it through. He also wanted shovel ready jobs, but they just weren’t so shovel ready. BUT he did take out a bunch of evil men… and that can’t be undervalued, though it seems to not be having the impact I’d suspect. If you take out Osama Bin Laden you might expect to ride that wave right across the finish line. Unfortunately, and contrary to what Obama said about the state of our union, our economy and job market are in tatters. Bottom line is that if the economy levels, Obama becomes a hero. If it happens in February – November of this year, he has an easy re-election. As of right now it’s not as simple, but like I have said before, it will be near impossible to unseat him. I am yet to be convinced that he won’t win a second term. 


If SOTU’s are boring, then GOP responses are like watching trees grow. No clapping, no smiling, no jokes, no Biden in the background, just straight talk. Gov. Mitch Daniels is credited with saving Indiana(Jones) and was touted to run for president this year. He decided against it and it’s probably for the best. 2016, given that Obama gets re-elected, is when the snipers will come out to play for the presidency. So Daniels has some clout, but he just about lulled me to sleep last night. I looked at transcript of his speech and it would have taken Bobcat Goldthwait’s voice to make it interesting. Don’t get me wrong, this is a guy that composes all his own material and is an excellent writer… but following a 65 minute SOTU speech, I think you should really liven it up a bit. 


Skip to Herman Cain’s Tea Party response.“In the president’s speech tonight we heard more well-scripted rhetoric” Uhoh, he knows about Favreau too! Cain chose to take Obama head on like he was still running for president. In fact, I think he is somehow still running. He picked apart the SOTU with his Godfather intensity, it was actually amusing. He basically said what Daniels said, just meaner. With lines like: “Our national debt has become a national disgrace” or “With all due respect to the president, some of us are not stupid. The state of the union is not good” he is clearly championing for the right. Love him or hate him, he is not boring. He also said that the tea party movement will not be a single David trying to slay Goliath; it will be an Army of David’s.  Imagine that, an Army of David’s. I kind of like the sound of that. I know you missed it, so I suggest taking a look at the response if ever bored:  http://w3.newsmax.com/a/cain/


So that’s it. It wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t surprising. It just was. The public is left wanting, but the truth is that both the democrats and republicans haven’t got it to give right now. Disillusioned voters further disenchanted. I suppose people are going to have to pick their poison. Trust that Obama can turn it around, or trust that a republican will? 



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