The Wankees – Mid-season reminder of last years collapse.

My love for the Yankees is undying. But for fuck’s sake – we have one bunch of complacent, cocky, and spoiled superstars on our hands don’t we? Complacency. It’s the kind of fan I am. I never think my team is going to lose and am gutted if, in the case of my number 1 team Manchester United, they so much as draw a match. I always think the Yankees are going to win the World Series. Every year. The problem is that the Yankees also think they are going to win the World Series every year. Did anyone see a sense of urgency in the faces of our Yanks? Its as if they know that the losers after-party is as big, if not bigger, than the winners after-party. I can’t help but compare it to soccer. On Manchester United’s bench right now are multi-million dollar superstars with years of senior team experience. Starting on the field are 20 year-old thousandaires that are in form. If you don’t perform, you lose your starting spot. It doesn’t matter if you are Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, or Alex Rodriguez. A driving force on successful teams is the fear of being dropped from the starting line-up. Do our superstars have a legit fear of being dropped? Or do they know that because of their “name”, they are in there like swimwear. Did anyone see the Jorge Effect? My how he reacted after his spot in the team was thrown into question. 


Story time in the team room. A simple reading and analysis of Aesop’s The Tortoise and the Hare wouldn’t have hurt. When my team loses, I am typically distraught for a bit. Just plain sad. Right now I am just pissed off. There’s no valid reason in the world why we should not be gearing up to hand Texas their ass. It’s not like Manchester United losing to Barcelona in a Final, Barcelona is undeniably the better team. What’s the Yanks excuse? I don’t care that we made it further than Boston. I don’t take pleasure from other teams beating them, only the Yankees. The second the possibilty of playing Boston for the AL Championship disappeared, so did some of the allure of the playoffs. If they were waiting for us in the next round, would we have tried harder? Personally I want the same battle every year come October: The Red Sox vs. The Yankees. 


For me this is a heads roll type of situation, but maybe I am too cut-throat. Let’s face it here, the common and prevailing sentiments are not that the Yankees gave it their all and it was a good run. People dropped the ball. No excuses, but everyone will try to explain this one while really there is nothing more to say. Here’s to next year.


Note – Alex is my scapegoat, because its easy. He could have just as well been the King of New York again. No doubt in my mind that he will redeem himself.


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