Why Argue?

I watch Foxnews every day of my life, but I also dabble in MSNBC (MSLSD as some may call it), CNN, and regular network news. It’s not the tools, it’s how you use the tools. I could sit here all day and argue with liberals about every issue across the board.. but you will find that if you are doing that, you are walking, talking mental stagnation. A person that is one-sided in their political views is at a great disadvantage to those of us who actually follow politics like it is a sport. If I know your team better than you do, it’s a problem. I tend to encounter liberals/democrats that not only don’t know how conservatives think or what they stand for, but they also can’t name 5 solid liberal points of view. You have to realize what you are arguing with. It is incredibly hard to be educated in government, even if you keep at it every minute of the day. I haven’t read the health care bill just like most people in congress. It is impossible to know how it is going to impact the nation because it is a proverbial rule book that will tackle issues as they arrive. “Uh oh, this circumstance has come up… look up what to do about it” “Oh here is the answer, wow did you know they slipped this into the bill?”. If I end up in a conversation with a brushed up democrat, there is typically no argument. Just a valuable compare and contrast session.


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