Child ASSaulted in China. No love in the air.

13-year-old boy suffers horrific assault in China –

The attack on this child is downright heinous. Just want to make that clear before I go against my better judgment and start to speak freely about this article.

Two adults assaulted this kid by releasing compressed air into his body. What does that even mean? First let’s just clear up what kind of damage it caused: dozens of puncture wounds in the intestines, multiple organ failure – liver, kidneys and stomach were severely damaged. He has necrosis due to a nose infection that has caused massive decay of the nose and cheek, but it is not clear if that has anything to do with the attack. Oh about the attack.

CNN writer Vanessa Ko was candid when spelling out what happened: “The boy helped out at the auto repair shop where two co-workers allegedly inserted the nozzle of an air pump into his anus and filled his body with air.”

Come again? That sentence is amazing. Jaw dropping sentence of the year thus far if you ask me. Who came up with the idea? How did that person pitch it to the other? “Hey, I have got a crazy idea… let’s hold Yan down and stick this air pump up his ass and see what happens.”  Ok so Yan is not his name, his real name is Du, but he is surely thinking of changing it to Pleasedon’tDu. Don’t laugh, that wasn’t funny.

Contributions have been rolling in to help his family with the medical bills. I can regain some faith in the human race. The owner of the shop he worked in is taking up a chunk of the costs, in America they would just have to sign over the store and be sued for millions. I hope the punishment is reported once it is decided. An eye for an eye sounds very appealing in this case, but that won’t help anyone. I don’t know how tough the Chinese legal system is; still I think this incident has sparked enough outrage that they will come down hard. The world is watching, by the way.


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