Bikini Military: ‘Israeli soldier’ on the beach in a bikini holding a gun.

Bikini Military

‘Israeli soldier’ on the beach in a bikini holding a gun | The Sun |News.

First question that comes to mind: If I were Israeli living in Israelia… would I be in the military right now? Chances are I would, especially with this possible perk.

I don’t  know if this is real, but being a man I am going to assume it is.  And this isn’t just a story being reported at The Sun. The picture has gone viral on the net and several news organisations have made mention of it because after all… this is good news.

Now why on earth has this gem of a situation come up?  “Members of the Israeli military are required to accompany their weapons at all times if they are taken outside their military base. And the punishments for losing a weapon can be severe in the Middle Eastern country – including time in a tough military prison.” Sounds pretty extreme. Must have been several instances of weapons gone missing for the penalty to be so severe. Guess she really had no choice in the matter and made the right decision.

Some may think that the best part of this is obvious, I mean look at her: tan-alicious, fit as hell, and she is in 2 pieces.  BUT… she is also reported to be a member of the highly-trained Israeli Defence Forces. In other words, she is a deadly weapon. I just started to overheat.  This story has no downside. I am ready for vacation.


This whole bikini military thing could be very possible and very true. The picture below is the beautiful Meytal Cohen.

A blurb from her bio:

‘Meytal Cohen is a hard-hitting versatile drummer based in the Los Angeles area. Born and raised in Ramat-Gan, Israel, Meytal is the youngest in a large family of seven. Meytal graduated from the prestigious Blich High School in Ramat-Gan as a theater major. At the age of 18, Meytal started playing drums and found her passion. After being released from duty after serving a MANDATORY two years in the Israel Defense Force, Meytal relocated to LA and enrolled in the Los Angeles Music Academy to pursue her drumming career.’

Imagine that.

Now watch this.



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