Moshe Silman sets himself ablaze then has an ice pop in Israel.

Dying yet in need of an ice pop

Protester Moshe Silman sets himself ablaze then eats ice lolly | The Sun |News.

According to the article posted above, Moshe Silman is currently fighting for his life… presumably in a 2 star hospital in Tel Aviv.

Before he struggled for his life, though, he had an ice pop. And as you can see from the picture, he is savoring it like it’s frozen life juice. I can only assume that for one glorious moment as that frozen treat graced his lips, everything in the world was beautiful and his skin was not melting off of his bones.

I hate that I have questions, but… I do. Like, whatever happened to a good old hunger strike? Why couldn’t he have just found a nice Japanese woman and had a two week long bed-in? Did he bring the ice pop along in a cooler in anticipation of setting himself ablaze and if not… can we meet the person that had the ice pop and said out loud “here, give him this”.

Netanyahu said it was “a great personal tragedy” and “I wish Moshe a complete recovery”

He later clarified that what he meant was that it was a great personal tragedy for Moshe and that he wishes him as close to a complete recovery as he can get, cause lord knows he can only aim for about 70% after that fire bathing display.

That last part is fictional.


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