Desperate mom brandishes cross in face of madman

Don’t you dare pick on my son | The Sun |News.

If I am ever held hostage, please send this woman to come free me. This is one bad ass chick. She is brave as hell, that dudes face would have sent me home to watch the rest unwind on the news.  This ended well, thank goodness.

via The Sun:

A DESPERATE mum waves a crucifix at a crazed man as he holds her terrified son hostage with an ICE PICK to his throat.

In a scene that could have come out of a vampire film, she confronted deranged Ramir Parparan after he had held the nine-year-old lad for almost SEVEN HOURS.

The brave mum is believed to have grabbed the attacker’s arms, allowing cops to release the boy, named as Mark Jason Pineda.

He was rushed to hospital in Quezon City, Philippines, but suffered just two small marks to his neck from the icepick.

Parparan was arrested and faces charges of serious illegal detention. Police said he was having a mental breakdown.



He is chillen chillen.


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