England climb to third place in Fifa world rankings


England climb to third place in Fifa world rankings | Football | guardian.co.uk.

The Flop Effect? The Gift of England’s Curse? The Rise of the Fallen? The England Phenomena?

Not sure what to call this recurring magical dementia. Every time England do something FABULOUSY, they rise in the world rankings. If they keep crashing out of tournaments at their current rate… they will be number 1 in the world in no time. It’s no wonder they lose in spectacular fashion. If they won the Euro’s they’d have fallen to 11th place.

England have caused me more heartbreak than every woman I have ever known, combined. Yet surprisingly, my heart still pumps blood for them as opposed to turning to stone. Possibly due to the fact that every time we lose, we seem to have “gotten better” and have more expectation and hopes for glory in the future. It must be the alcohol. Here’s to England ranked #1 by 2016.


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