Giovana Osorio says she hit husband’s alleged mistress but denies sexual assault

A feisty looking Giovana Osorio leaving court. They didn’t make her wear those nifty anti-sexual assault mittens that are so popular these days. 

Surprise Surprise: Giovana is not owning the finger banging portion of the charges against her. Shocker? No, there was no ass-play.

She admits beating her ass though. This case is going to be tough, Osorio has no record. Is there a way to test the victim for… violation? I have no idea, Osorio could just say she ran in on her while she was feverishly going at herself. You don’t call a 4-year-old as a witness do you? I have a feeling this won’t play out too dramatically and will be settled with some sort of deal, quickly.

The article:

PORT CHESTER — A Tuckahoe woman accused of sexually assaulting her husband’s alleged mistress today said he had hit the woman but had not sexually assaulted her.

Giovana Osorio also claimed her husband had been seeing the woman for five years.

Osorio made the comments in Spanish to a Univision 41 reporter while leaving Rye Town Court, where she appeared briefly and had her case adjourned until Aug. 14. The reporter relayed what Osorio had said.

Giovana Osorio’s case was adjourned at the request of her lawyer, Arthur Del Negro, when Osorio appeared this morning in Rye Town Court.

Del Negro said outside court that Osorio has never been arrested and has a job.

“She has never been in trouble in her life,” Del Negro told The Journal News/

Osorio, in search of her husband she believed to be cheating, is accused of sneaking into the alleged mistress’ bedroom at about 3:30 a.m. Saturday and sexually assaulting her in front of the victim’s 4-year-old child. The victim lives in Rye Book.

Osorio, 40, of 269 Columbus Ave. in Tuckahoe, is charged with felonies that include second-degree burglary and two counts of second-degree assault.

Osorio remains in custody. She is being held on bail of $250,000 bond or $25,000 cash at the Westchester County jail. She was put back into a police car after the court appearance.

Osorio’s sister and brother-in-law attended today’s court appearance but declined comment afterward.

via Wife says she hit husband’s alleged mistress but denies sexually assaulting her | The Journal News | |

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