Obama That I Used To Know

Hey man, this shit is good!

People have talent, it seems.  Long story short: Some frustrated former bleeding hearts are pissed off at the President for not helping them realise their glittery, pixie-dust filled fantastical destinies.

I’m inclined to say that this has happened every four years for the past 223 years, but for some reason this time it has more grandeur. Starving Artist Syndrome (SAS), it partly explains the Occupy Movement.  In 2008, Obama gleamed of success and prosperity in the eyes of college-aged, free-love type of folks that were champing at the bit to begin their cakewalk, mucho importante lives. These people failed to realise that starving artists will likely always be starving. A bad thing? Not at all. They are doing what they love; it’s the sacrifice you make.

The last election was magical; there was nothing on this planet that could have kept Obama out of office. He set flight a voting bloc that was determined to see a wonderful “change” come to fruition. But they were always to be let down. I too, will promise you the world. Don’t think I can deliver though. This is the big man’s problem right now. Thousands of people that would never likely show to vote under normal circumstances, turned out for him in the last election because of the spice of life that was implied with his presidency. These folks will go back to not voting. So this election has a more normal feel to it. Mudslinging, attack ads, and lower voter turn-out. I still don’t think Obama will lose the election, but my thoughts could change with the national conventions coming up. Exciting stuff.


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