Mario Balotelli’s car is surrounded by Manchester United fans

How is it that they can see me?

Mario Balotelli’s car is surrounded by Manchester United fans after derby | Mail Online.

And quite frankly, he can’t understand why.

The Italian Misfit Superstar may be hated even more than he is loved and by friend and foe alike.  Never a stranger to controversy, Balotelli’s tactics on and off the field have thrown a bulls-eye right on his forehead. The reasoning either boils down to the fact that he is young and dumb (22 and under the scrutiny of the world’s microscope) or just  permanently paralyzingly stupid (He will never change and casts a shadow on footballers everywhere).

I tend to assume the latter, but only because in a fake interview with Balotelli that I conducted in my head, he said the following:  “When I moved to Manchester, the fans hated me… and the press hated me. I was always being picked on. Those fucking United fans would throw eggs at my car and not even the Cadbury kind. I purchased a camouflaged Bentley Continental GT so that I could move about town with nobody seeing me, up to now it hasn’t worked properly. I think people can see the silver Bentley emblem on the front.”

Poor fella.

I’ll say this for “Stupor Mario”, he has had loads to deal with as far as being black and Italian. Monkey gestures, banana throwing… in his own country and abroad. Can’t be too easy. I happen to have been born in Italy, but know nothing of its sometimes racist culture.


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