Sandy Hook school shooting. Newtown,Ct. Tragedy defined.


Newton, CT

School shooting reported in Newtown, Conn..

Early reports suggest that 27 are dead including 18 children. The buzz is about gun laws now.

It’s early, but I’m inclined to wish the numbers erroneous… though I know I am grasping at straws with hopes too high. One man killing 26 people sounds impossible. What type of skill set did the guy possess? Who was he? Ex  Special Forces? A trained assassin? (Update: A 24  20 year old untrained kid) It shouldn’t be an issue about guns though it likely will be. They exist and always will.  No gun law on earth will inhibit a madman with ambition to kill. I don’t carry a gun or own a gun, nor do I want to. I am also of (a reasonably) sound mind and judgement. Were I not, though… I suppose I could get hold of a gun or two no matter the boundaries.

So what is the issue?

Perseverance and resilience. What else is there to cling to? Perhaps a lot, but in the end we need to persevere and land on our feet after tragedy. This is an immeasurable event,  I can’t even begin to weigh it in my head so I won’t. I can’t try to understand because I never will. If you are reading this you too will probably never know why people do the abhorred things they do,  you’ll never know why killing became a means to an end. Humans are frail and weak, we are not machines and can’t withstand countless pressures forever and ever.

Perhaps I can say this because it is not my child or wife or sister or mother that is dead, but a lot of what people are expressing echoes the notion that after an incident like this, no child is safe at school. When were we ever safe at school. Changing our every day lives as a result of the remote actions of the insane would make them clear winners in the attempt at terrorizing us.

ter·ror·ize: to produce widespread fear by acts of violence, as bombings.

Terrorized, yes. Terrified with lasting effect, no. We can argue semantics later.

There is no infallible defense to this type of tragedy. We can only do what we can to prevent it from becoming a common occurrence. You can take away peoples Second Amendment right to bear arms, see if I care. I won’t because it won’t affect me. But you know who else won’t care? Any loon that wants to kill people.

God bless the folks in Newton, CT and the surrounding impacted areas. The full magnitude and far reach of this tragedy won’t be known for quite some time. I’m saying a prayer for you, everyone is behind you with support.


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