Victoria Soto. Hero. Angel. Death never met a finer grace.


Victoria Soto

VictoriaSoto_2428734bMiss Victoria Soto.

She woke up just as she went to sleep; glowing like the moon and as radiant as the sun. Selfless. Filled with ambition and armed with a caring heart. She likely didn’t know she also had in her, the bravery and steadfastness of a wartime general during their finest hour on the darkest day. What this young woman did will never be forgotten. I will always know her, she was my best friend though we never met. She was my acquaintance from school, she was the girl from the neighbourhood that I knew but could never talk to because she walked with too much power and glided with the ease of grace. We all know her now, and though we never would have… we all know her now. You may have trouble trying to pull something good from the tragedy that has happened. It may be difficult to see where the light is still bright. Take another look at Victoria Soto. And in the coming days, look at the smiling  faces you will meet on photographs taken of the people you will never see, because they are no longer here. They are the reason why you need to love like you’ve never been hurt before. Why we need to come together when all that surrounds us seems a dividing force. My heart is bleeding, and I don’t want to go on another day… but now I have to. Now we have to live even more, for those who have died and for those that will cry every day for the rest of their lives.

First-grade teacher Victoria Soto, 27, died saving her students

Victoria Soto



  1. Victoria Soto is the hero out of the Caribbean and/or West Indies!

  2. Victoria Soto is the cousin of Benjamin Franklin, William Franklin, and William Temple Franklin!

  3. Victoria Soto shares the same ancestry as the hero, “Uncle” Alan Burton Hall!

  4. “Situations make heroes. No one is born a hero. No one can create one. A hero can be the guy next door who pulls his neighbor out of a burning building before the fire department gets there”-Thomas Driggers, a descendant of an African man, Emmanuel Rodriguez.

  5. Don’t forget the victim besides her: James Radley Mattioli. Mattioli has the same last name as the discoverer of cat allergy.

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