20 Tiny Coffins

Good sir, nice to meet you, I have the strangest request. I need 20 tiny coffins each one smaller than the rest.

Nice to meet you as well, but you’ve failed to realise…we make plenty of coffins but none in that size.

But sir, how can that be, we have children who’ve died. The town is in mourning and their parents have cried.

A tragedy for sure and I understand your plight, but we don’t make them that small, it just isn’t right.

So what should we do? There are funerals to be held. We can’t leave the souls in the place they were felled.

Admit they aren’t gone, for children never die. They live in our minds and hearts, I’ve convinced you haven’t I?

Yes good sir, now what should we do? We need 20 tiny coffins, its why we’ve come to you.

For this time alone, and with tears in my eyes. I’ll make 20 tiny coffins, each one smaller in size.



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