Another reason why animals should be able to speak


Vixen the car | The Sun |News.

Please also see my prior posting:  Drained squirrel becomes stuck in man-hole cover 

If I ever come up with the power to communicate with animals, I will travel the world and interview little fellas that have gotten themselves into situations like this.  If they want out, they’ll be forced to endure my questioning.


(David, the superstar reporter)

“Mr. Fox, peach of a situation isn’t it?”

“Yeah well a little bit, I guess. Perhaps some help? I don’t have opposable thumbs you know.”

“In due time. Mr. Fox, how long have you had your head stuck in this wheel?”

“Can’t be too sure, what day is it?”

“It’s Tuesday the 18th”

“About 3 days then, haven’t slept a wink either as you might imagine”

“I thought they call you Fantastic Mr. Fox?”

“No relation”

“Obviously. So right, what were you up to then? Why are you stuck, did you get into the sour grapes again?”

“Don’t want to talk about it”

“What was under there? Did you see something brilliant?”

“Nah, just curious was all.”

“Curious about what? Brake wear?”

“Good one”

“Seriously, did you follow a mouse in there or something? A small rabbit? Maybe a mole?”

“It was a grasshopper.”

“A grasshopper? Foxes don’t even eat grasshoppers”

“I’m on a diet”

“A diet? Hard to tell. You are stuck in a wheel”

“Funny, how about getting me out of here?”

“Sure, let me just grab a picture first”

Really, with the pictures?

“You look awful funny”

“Couldn’t be more embarrassed, thank you. Now get me out before more folks come by”

“Just wanted to capture the moment”

“Get me out of here!”

“Absolutely, Mr Fox. I’d like to thank you for sticking around for the interview”

“You’re terrible”

“Don’t want to tire you any more than you already are”

“You vile human”

“Perhaps I’ll catch you around”

“Not if I die here”

“Help has just arrived, be well Mr. Fox”




“How the hell did that fox get himself wedged in there?”


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