Cristiano Ronaldo to force move from Real Madrid to Man United?

Cristiano Ronaldo ready to force move from Real Madrid | The Sun |Sport|Football.


What a dream come true this would be. I’m sure not just for me, but for the man himself, Manchester United, and a billion other supporters around the world. I’ll be over the moon when and if this deal is announced, and will pony up for a new shirt immediately.

Do we need him? Absolutely. With the inevitable departure of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes due to being minutes away from 40 years old, there will be a menacing gap left in the midfield. This gap could be easily plugged with a player like Ronaldo, who is now a seasoned veteran that has and would again thrive in the regimented Old Trafford environment. Alternatively, that gap could be filled by Wayne Rooney. We don’t necessarily need Ronaldo as an out-and-out striker with the likes of Van Persie, Rooney, Chicharito, and Welbeck already in the strike force, but he could realistically take Rooney’s role.  Rooney is very comfortable dropping back into midfield.

Ronaldo is 27 years old so should be hitting his prime right now, which is a frightening thought. If he keeps on his performance path, he will be terrorising defenses well past his 30th birthday. United should very swiftly hand him a lucrative 5 year contract to see him to his 32nd year. The addition of Ronaldo to Manchester’s already vicious lineup would solidify their offense as one of the world’s best. Add to that one or two big name signings to shore up the defense and you have a team that should dominate the premier league and champions league for many, many years.

I would say this deal has a 50/50 chance of happening… but since both Sir Alex and Cristiano have dropped hints at his return, I may have to say 60/40 it is going to happen. He has voiced his displeasure with his current situation at Real Madrid, it is just a matter of time before he leaves. One thing that needs addressing before all of this transfer buzz, though, is a little issue of United vs. Real in the Champions League. My adoration of our famous number 7 is put on hold until Madrid are dumped out in March.



  1. You have failed to mention/ignored the stratospheric transfer fee & ongoing salary for Ron, Glazers will never sanction it, this will never happen because of that..

    • It’s only been overlooked because the money wouldn’t be that big of an issue. Bringing Ronaldo in would generate a certain amount of extra income that would offset his extravagant salary and fee. Shirt sales, the likely-hood of winning tournaments, that sort of thing. Sir Alex wants it, you may be underestimating the amount of influence he has over the Glazers. Don’t forget that we will likely offload a couple players very shortly. Giggs and Scholes through retirement, maybe Nani…

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