Apple to launch iWatch smartphone for your wrist?


Apple ‘to launch iWatch’ smartphone for your wrist | The Sun |News.


Go go Gadget Watch? Of course, why wouldn’t we? This is just what I need to be sure that I don’t ever have a moment of peace in my life ever, ever.  It just occurred to me that this device will change streaking forever. No longer will we have to streak across stadium grounds or through gymnasiums without being connected to our cyber worlds… to our cyber galaxy.


I have another question. Why has no one gone streaking with a head-cam so we can get that oft forgotten perspective of the streaker… as opposed to being the streakee.

I wonder who the first streaker was and what their rationale was. I’ve wandered off topic.

Ok so looks like this mock up of a iWatch wrist smartphone may become a reality sooner than later. Turns out a company has been on the forefront of this technology and their kickstarter campaign not only reached its target of [$100,000.00],  but it has amassed an eye-popping [$10,300,000.00]

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android

Oh and apparently we can already do this:


Which reminds me that all I ever really wanted was a functioning Dick Tracy watch.


Here’s to the future!



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