Valentine’s Day in Rome

Roman Holiday

I’ve never fallen in love with one woman more times than I’ve fallen for Audrey Hepburn. Every time I see her on the screen begins another love affair. Just when I think I am over her she starts to haunt me in my dreams and sing my name.  It can’t be the best thing for my life. The worst thing I can do is go through life searching for a woman cut of her cloth. I may never find her. Nothing against all the wonderful women I know,  surely you understand if you are searching for your very own Gregory Peck.

Where was I going with this… ahh.

Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, NY.  It’s an island of reality in an ocean of diarrhea. An oasis you stumble upon just as the desert of life is starting to take your spirit.  I know of only one place I can go and buy a bucket of popcorn, a nice big soda, kick back in a theater, and watch classics like To Catch a Thief, Notorious, and of course Roman Holiday.

Last year for Valentine’s Day I brought my mom with me to watch Charade (one of the best movies I have ever seen)

I was single, what do you want from me?

This year I am bringing mom again, and we are going to see… you guessed it:

No, not because I am single still.

OK I am single still, but I’d imagine I’d have to bring her to see her favourite movie regardless!

Anyway, it’s a guaranteed good time. This is from the Jacob Burns website:

Roman Holiday 

**Romance and Champagne!** Full of captivating performances and magical views of the Italian capital, this delightful love story is an all-time romantic favorite. The luminous Audrey Hepburn plays a sheltered princess who escapes her duties for a day and goes on a whirlwind tour of Rome—with none other than Gregory Peck as her guide. How can they do anything but fall in love? Hepburn earned the Best Actress Oscar for this, her first starring role.

Each ticketholder will receive a complimentary glass of Champagne.

William Wyler. 1953. 118 m. NR. Italy/USA , English and various languages. Paramount Pictures.

Feel free to join us!

Thurs. Feb 14  7:30 pm

I almost forgot! Gotta mention that Roman Holiday did wonderful things for Vespa: An almost immediate boost of 100,000 sales!


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