Dad Posts Sexy Pics Of Daughter To Sell Car?

Did Dad Posts Sexy Pictures Of Daughter To Help Sell Used Car? [UPDATE].

Lexxa Ridley

This article is a couple months old so i’ll just let the cat out of the bag and immediately say that this was a hoax. This is not really his 20 year-old daughter.

Mr. Kim Ridley, owner of Ridley’s Rides in Oregon, caught a ton of heat for supposedly using sexy photographs of his daughter to sell a car on Ebay. Now, I am no daughter owner nor do any of my friends have a daughter this old and good-looking. What that means, is that I don’t really know if this is terrible or not.


“Yes, Daddy?”

“Come over here and lean up against the Datsun and look hot, I need to sell this thing”

“Sure, Daddy”

Now… my daughter would not be up on that car. But if my buddy had a 20 year old that looked like that, how much lecturing would I do? Little to none I am sure.

Well anyway, Lexxa is a family friend so the press let them off the hook. You can exploit your neighbour’s daughter, no problem.

“Hey Billy!”

“Yeah, Ridley… what’s up?”

“Come have your daughter lean up against my car all sexy-like, I need to sell this thing”

“Sure, Ridley… let me get her. LEXXA!!!”


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