Biden Hears The Call Of Duty?

Biden Seeks Video Game Industry Input on Guns – ABC News.

Is this the most conservative-friendly, reasonably-rationalised idea Joe Biden has ever had?

Well, you might bet the farm that Biden would want to just lambaste the gaming industry and try to put them in a (nonviolent) submission hold. But he seems to be acting very reasonably. Will he come out of these meetings carrying a duffle bag full of PS3 games and unreleased testers? Maybe. Will he walk into said meetings with guns blazing?


Absolutely. Biden can’t pass up on an opportunity to make people squirm.

Love him or hate him, he makes politics fun.

I personally don’t play video games, they lost me when the controllers started putting more than 3 buttons into play. These modern controllers are just too complicated for me, and I need to warn people… humans evolve to keep up, don’t be alarmed when children are born with four arms so they can game more prolifically.

I have no problem with violent video games, they are no worse than R movies and cable dramas. If someone is impressionable enough to confuse the gaming world with reality… that is another problem all together.

Notice the blood shower.

Folks, here is how you sense trouble. If your child sees that clip and cringes or screams “ewwwwww”, you are in business. You’ve got yourself a solid little trooper on your hands, ready to take on the violence of life with a grain of salt.

If your child laughs hysterically and screams “do it again!!!”, pray to whatever power you believe in. Consider enlisting herds of puppies and kittens to soften your child’s ice cold stare that you know you have been ignoring, then bring them to Disney Land… for a year.


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