School gives student razor blades: Go cut yourself.


School gave student self-harm blades | The Sun |News.

If I ever become suicidal, please put me in the care of these folks.

Don’t get me wrong, this could be brilliant… I just haven’t seen the light yet.  Apparently the principal and headmaster told staff to give a troubled student “sterilised blades and escort them to a bathroom — where they could cut themselves. They were then ordered to wait outside, checking on the pupil every two minutes, before dressing and cleaning the wounds.”

Just what the doctor ordered.

“What if they actually kill themselves?”

“Don’t be silly, they are just bullshitting, bluffing. Once they feel the cold hard diamond edge steel against their skin a couple of times, they’ll be over it and get on with life.”

arm (1)

Oops. Well it was just a theory wasn’t it? Pardon the picture, but that is the reality that could come from their foolishness. Thank goodness the policy was abandoned and those responsible are being brought before the board for a hearing. If they had let my child get their hands on a razor blade and said “go play”… I’d be having a hearing of my own. For totally different reasons


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