Student ‘begged police to cut off his penis’

Michael Silecchia

Michael Silecchia

Student ‘begged police to cut off his penis’ | The Sun |News.

Well it sucks to be University of Florida student Michael Silecchia right now because his face is floating across the internets for asking police to cut his penis off. If one day my kids come to me and earnestly ask if they should try LSD, this will be my go to story. “Well son, you can… but you may end up asking the police to cut your penis off” Goodness I needed to hear this story when I was 16.

This guy also claimed to be God. And rumour has it that he first said “Don’t cut my penis off” before demanding, “Cut my penis off”. That damn LSD makes you not know what the hell you want.

As of now, he is charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, resisting an officer, and asking to have his penis cut off. It’s not yet clear if it is a crime to beg to have your penis cut off in Florida.

The police released a statement saying that at no time did they consider cutting his penis off.

Mr. Silecchia released a statement thanking the police for not cutting his penis off.



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