Where The Wind Comes

Who am I to take the safe route at covering a topic.

Tornado Alley… ravaged once again. People die everyday, all over the world. People die and we know about it, but it doesn’t really weigh much on the shoulders. The recent historical tornado that decided to crush the hearts of a nation is said to be damn close to a once in a lifetime experience. And by that they don’t mean it just killed you. It was so big and lasted for so long that it was somewhat of an anomaly.

So why does this all have me so pissed off? Right now there are a bunch of dead kids buried in a colossal pile of rubble where once stood a school.  Call me crazy, but why were they there? I am over here in my bubble in NY, but I still recall watching the national forecast about a week before this happened and listening to the lady tell me this was going to happen in about a week. It was happening, it was ongoing. Why were those kids in school? My kid would not have been in school and I don’t mean that as an attack on those parents.

People in that area are complacent. They know the routine and have likely survived a million tornadoes. Then one comes and kicks everythings ass that is in front of it. Now we are on our toes aren’t we? Things should have changed already. They way they build houses, the way the kids safe havens a.k.a. schools are built. I don’t know anything about the costs and I don’t know how to make a building tornado proof, but if you look at the picture up top… that is the only way you will get me to live in tornado alley. No I don’t want a shelter next to my house that I have to dive into with seconds to spare, I prefer to keep my life AND all the shit that I have worked for AND all my keepsakes. I must be strange. Can everyone afford to build a house like this? No… but they should probably start figuring it out. The schools in that area should be able to withstand an atomic explosion. Or at the very least have a dungeon easily accessible so that even when the entire ground level gets devastated, a hundred school children come walking out and go home, provided that home still exists.

This isn’t anyone’s fault. Nature decides things and we have no real say in it. I just want to know what is going to change now? How are people going to adapt and how are we going to prevent this school tragedy from happening again? I’m really outraged… not one person on this planet can convince me that those kids should have been in school.




  1. Excellent piece, my friend. It’s a tragedy that could have been reduced if we put as much effort into requiring better school construction as we do in mall construction.

    • Thank you and good point, people could shop through a tornado in these well constructed malls. What really upsets me is that adults make decisions for themselves, these kids had no clue that they could potentially be sitting ducks. I hesitate to say that we need to get to the bottom of this, but knowing America… soon “accountability” will play into it

      • Absolutely right about the kids not having a say in their fate when they walk through those doors at school. And by if by “accountability” you mean “finger pointing,” sadly you couldn’t be more right.

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