Live Sex Act And The Teenage Onlookers


Jail for randy couple who had sex outside station while 40 teens filmed on mobiles | The Sun |News.

British folks love to have sex in public. I mean, that’s just what I heard. And according to The Sun (one of my favourite online news sources), there was this dynamic duo of a couple that decided to fuck like rabbits inside and outside of one of the UK’s busiest rail stations.


Barnsley Interchange

Pretty straightforward stuff. Oh and they let 40 teenagers watch and film them with their cell phones. These cell phone cameras have so so dramatically changed life as we know it. I remember when you’d have to masturbate on the spot when witnessing  a spontaneous live sex act, instead of recording it and watching it later in your bedroom.

So. Detained were Jacqueline Holden, 37, and 22-year-old Sam Rowan.

Also detained were 60 teenagers, only 40 of whom filmed the sex act.

“Come here lad, did you film it? Let me see… mhmm, OK run along”

“And you, did you film it? Let me see… what’s this? This is anime porn, fuck off out of here”

“Chief, only 40 of them actually filmed it… the rest just watched.”

“And this one here, what about him?”

“We haven’t counted him, he is only 12.”

This lewd couple just got sentenced to 10 weeks jail, or roughly 2 days jail for every teen that filmed them. Apparently the court was also told that Sam Rowan suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and has other problems that affect his social skills, but not his skills pertaining to finding hot older women willing to have sex with him in front of teenagers.


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