Pain, The Face.

Glass stem pierce’s student’s foot at Cambridge all-night ball | The Sun |News.


I wonder if this hurts…

You have to commend this guy for making the most absolutely appropriate face for any painfully agonising situation ever. I know what you are thinking. Could this not be confused with noxious odor face? NO. Check out the jugular. Odors can’t do that.

That is some quality glassware… and perhaps some very poor quality shoe-wear. I don’t even want to think about the precise trajectory needed to pull this stunt off.

The hole is plugged up nicely though, isn’t it?

For a second I thought he had on those high-tech suction cup shoes used for scaling glass buildings.

I also want to know if the people around him were chanting “Show Us!”. If someone asked to see my impaled foot for a laugh I may consider physically harming them. He could though, be going through that involuntary reaction similar to running away from pain.

Maybe if he lifts his foot up and embraces it just so… it might not hurt as much. Someone could have helped him out and held his leg up for him, but he did a fine job on his own.

Now since this article is from The Sun, you know they got a quote from the most articulate bystander at the scene: “He looked to be really suffering, which isn’t surprising considering.”  Considering he impaled his foot with a glass stem.  You know there were so so many people around him laughing. They had to have been.

There is a hidden lesson to be learned here people: Under no circumstances should you impale your foot with a glass stem.

collage 1

Can anyone guess what goes in box 9?



collage 2

Oh stop. He survived.


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