An Open Letter To Paula Deen

Dear P. Deen,

Disappear. And I mean that in the nicest way possible. You landed yourself neck deep in shit, stop trying to tread water… or I guess tread shit in this case. Surely you have enough cash hidden away. You shouldn’t be sitting there waiting as companies systematically drop you. You should have pulled yourself off the market or at least offered to in some sort of way that keeps your employees in mind. Gracefully bow out and go off the grid. Disappear from the radar. The N word doesn’t sit kindly with me, but quite frankly, I have white friends that I have known a majority of my life that still use that word in a derogatory way. What can you do. I’m in no hurry to battle ignorance and a poor reflection of oneself is just that. It has nothing to do with me. I really can’t be bothered with what you said 20 or 30 years ago, I don’t give a shit. You are just plain unlucky. If you were black and called a white person a cracker, you would be sitting pretty still. 

That’s life. And this is America. We have extremely short memories. Stop apologising, stop showing yourself in public, stop making statements. Just disappear. When you rebirth yourself in a couple years, no one will care about anything. Until then, don’t walk through any black neighbourhoods.





  1. Amen, brother! Wait… I didn’t mean that in any kind of racial connotation. I don’t even like Uncle Cracker! WAIT! I mean…! oh forget it.

    • Ha ha. It’s just strange to me how we are villainizing this woman and ignore other people. Certain celebs can do anything they want, others are held to a different standard.

      • I couldn’t agree more. It would seem the celebrities chosen for dethroning are the ones easiest to tip out of the chair. Plus, I think there are plenty of folks who like to feel good about themselves by going after an easy target, all so they can say, “Look what I did!”

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