Falling From Nancy Grace

“He’s out on bond, driving through Taco Bell every night, having a Churro…”

What an impotent hussy. As if Nancy Grace wasn’t already perceived as ill-tempered and flappable, she has now decided to hammer home those facts by marrying the Hispanic dude to Taco Bell. This should give her career some real definition. Her baby-bottle outrage should somehow be transformed into a concentrated hormone balancing agent by way of electric shock. People should be enraged by her pettiness and trivial deductions, but I don’t feel confident that it will be the case. People are already making excuses for her when they should really be taking her to task. I don’t understand how what she said is acceptable. If she had said that to me on national television I would have embarrassed her as severely as possible. I’d ask her to repeat the Taco Bell comment just before I ripped off my mic and said that the interview is over. This woman has no objectivity in her pint-sized brain and is no stranger to controversy.  I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised by her latest charade. Congratulations on being exactly what is wrong with this country. Congratulations on your tainting of public opinion and immeasurable ignorance. Congrats adding a racist spin onto an already racially spun case. And finally… thank you for enabling me to quote you to describe your brilliant critical Taco Bell statement: “I find that, at the very least, a very poor choice of words”



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