Look What You Made Him Do

Trump was going to sit out in 2020. He was going to head back to his cushy 100 million dollar gold-lined penthouse in Manhattan and set his security detail up with the floor below him. But the left wouldn’t relent. Now the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York think they have a case against the president for multiple campaign finance violations in 2016. 

As has been iterated by so many on the right, a sitting president cannot be indicted. Don’t just take the Fox News pundits word for it:


So they have to wait for him to leave office. I know what you are wondering. Who cares how long they are willing to wait… who cares how badly they want him to go down. How long does the law say they can wait to go after Trump for said offenses?

5 years.


2016 + 5 years = 2021

Now when Trump and his crack team of lackeys did this simple math, it was clear what needed to be done. He must run for re-election. He has to take that second term to avoid the long arm of the law.

So what now?


Impeach him of course. But at your own peril. With politics we all tend to have short memories and probably overlook the negative affect the impeachment of Bill Clinton had on the republicans in congress. No better way to embolden the right than to put Trump under the gun. Republicans may enlist dead folks to vote were that to happen, a tactic they would have picked up from… I don’t know who. Libertarians? I’d caution my liberal friends to be careful what you wish for. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. Everybody on the planet knows of Trump for ages. Nobody really thinks he is conservative right? If you do, wait till you get a load of Mike Pence waiting in the wings. He’s been touted as the most conservative VP in 50 years with 99% alignment with The American Conservative Union. Good luck getting him out of office, him and his wife sleep in separate beds. (That’s probably not true)

Looks like we are in for an exciting election with some 40 democrats vying for their parties nomination. Here are some of them: 


All about the debates. I want to see them tear each other apart before Trump gets a crack at them. That is prime time TV no matter where you stand on the issues. I can’t wait. Remember: Politics is like a sport, it’s supposed to be fun to watch and talk about. It’s stimulating and makes you think. There is no reason that people aren’t able to agree to disagree. Some of my closest friends do not agree with me politically yet somehow we remain friends. If someone is winding you up with their partisan rhetoric, crack your knuckles and have at the keyboard. Try to change their mind. It won’t work but it sure can get interesting. Just don’t forget that we all have a dog in this fight, there is common ground. Circle back to it every now and then and your friendship might just make it through.   I’ll leave you with these pictures of Ralph and Sam who always punch in, go at it all day, but when they punch out they are back to friends.