Police Kill Man In East Fishkill, NY: Dutchess County


This is going to teeter between pissing you off and calming you down.

It’s being reported that there was a long stand-off and that John J. Terzani was in the midst of a tumultuous divorce when police failed to subdue him, resulting in a fatal shooting. I wouldn’t have used the term “failed”, it casts a negative light on our very effective State Police force. Also, I am saying “tumultuous”. The Poughkeepsie Journal is saying “amicable”.

Poughkeepsie Journal

This happened near Carpenter Hill Road in East Fishkill. A road that I grew up driving down and still pass by now and again. There is no mention of a hostage situation. That leads me to believe that there was no “hostage situation” because that is a trigger term that spurs mass interest, and it would have been readily sported for media attention. So here is my issue. Several shots were fired from a .223-caliber rifle. 5, if you believe what witnesses heard. That could look like this:


or this:


Or several other guns.

After he was shot, they tried to save his life. Are the officers trained to shoot these weapons not capable of disabling a man with precise, painful, cripplingly accurate shots to the shoulder, arm, or leg? No disrespect to the New York State Police. I know officers in the East Fishkill and State Police forces, they have a job to do and one dangerous man’s life is less important than the safety of an entire community. I don’t mean for this to be controversial, but this isn’t the first time I have thought to myself that the perpetrator could have been severely wounded and immobilized as opposed to being killed. I would be more of a shoot him in the leg, then tell him to put the gun down sort of person… which is part of what is wrong with me.  I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened. Right now there is a man that has to live with the fact that he killed someone that has a family, parents, loved ones, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances. Why? He was obligated to. People are killed every day in a hail of bullets. How many of those instances would have been remedied by one disabling, non-lethal gun shot? I have no clue. I’d like to say all of them, but that would be impossible. I suppose I don’t really have a point here. Another tragedy and it wasn’t senseless. It’s simply very confusing. The intensity of perilous moments is deafening. Real life does not often mirror a Hollywood cop drama, but sometimes you wish it could. Is there another level of training that would include the ability to disable a person without killing them? Is it affordable and realistic? I do not know.

Another good job by the police in NY, they should be commended. Unfortunately, that doesn’t prevent August 20, 2013 from being a sad day.

30 Seconds To Mars: The Kill


Dana Lauren Bonnano Is Home, Safe And Sound.


That being said, I am taking issue with one Chelsea Hoffman.

Chelsea is supposedly a writer, self-proclaimed at best, that likes to cling to the sensationalism of tragedies to bring herself attention. She started drawing attention to herself by incorrectly drawing a conclusion in this fashion: “With it being already over two weeks since anyone last seen her, it’s probably safe to say it’s already too late.”  See her brilliance here: The Dana Bonanno mystery: Do roommates know what happened? It must be lovely to be so wrong.

In this article: Dana Lauren Bonanno mystery: Foul play, drugs or mental illness? Chelsea shows her dogmatic luster. While a mother is suffering because she has no clue where her daughter is, Chelsea says: “At one point the missing woman’s mother claimed that she called her in ‘an emergency that didn’t sound like an emergency.’ What on earth does this even mean? Comments like these sound idiotic and only serve to confuse those who are trying to find this missing woman. “

So Dana’s mother is idiotic. Very well said, Chelsea.  She also said: “The lack of media coverage in this case is perplexing, because that means there is a lack of questions being asked.” Her brilliance can’t be matched, talk about perplexing. How does Chelsea draw such enigmatic conclusions?

Speaking of brilliance, let’s look at the opening lines of her article:  “The search for Dana Lauren Bonanno continues, but there don’t appear to be any definitive updates to share in the case — which is perplexing, considering it hasn’t even been a month since she was last seen.” There don’t appear to be any. There don’t appear to be any. I like how that rolls off the tongue. 

“Her mother revealed in the recent interview that Dana suffers from anxiety — and this could have very well been inflamed by the loss of her job, as I had speculated in earlier coverage of this case.”  Chelsea was a wunderkind, if you didn’t already pick up on that.

She also said: “This case is in danger of slipping through the cracks unless the media, the public and the NYPD snap into gear.” Apparently Ms. Hoffman indulges in a bit of rocket science in her free time.  The 94th precinct in NYC was on this case and it even had its own itty-bitty lead detective. But the NYPD didn’t snap into gear. The media ignored this case, which is why it was all over the news in NYC, Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess Counties, and as close as Great Britain via the Daily Mail UK

” these are all telltale signs of drug use or mental illness. If police can eliminate these possibilities from the root of her disappearance, then there could be a possibility of foul play in her disappearance.” Chelsea wants to help find Dana while also drawing the conclusion that she is just some strung out junkie. We all have personal, incredibly debilitating issues throughout life that make us resort to all sorts of actions… Chelsea is the one human immune to said fact. 

Now for the bee’s knees, you can:  fan her Facebook page to follow her latest projects. If you’re interested in learning about criminal profiling, missing persons or serial killers, consider enrolling in the Crime Studies class taught by crime analyst and profiler Chelsea Hoffman!” Glad to know I can keep her facebook page cool in such hot weather. I am honestly thinking about enrolling in her crime studies class online. Yes. She teaches this stuff. Her talent knows no bounds.  

This is her filming a thunderstorm for good reason:

Now that Dana, an old friend of mine, is home… Chelsea wants in on the “Yay She Is Home” bandwagon. Welcome aboard,Chels. Beg for mercy and stick to polluting your own state’s media.


Chelsea Hoffman

Lack Of Guilt: Still The Killer, G. Zimmerman

Sometimes you just have to be found not guilty because anything less would be uncivilized.


If ever there was a lackluster prosecution, we’ve just witnessed it (again) in The People of the State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman.(State of Florida vs. Casey Marie Anthony, case in point). Another overzealous prosecution team doing their best to double-down on the Florida Justice System’s inexpedience. And I just can’t wait for the next one. The next high-profile, outrage inducing wonderfuck of a circus court case. It’s bound to happen, we’ll all be watching.

I’ll spare us the details. The proliferance of a sensational murder case can’t be contained and unfortunately, the exertion of its influence is not limited to everyone but the DA’s office. The District Attorney’s office is definitely swayed by the magnitude of public outrage. What that means is that they overreached again. They were emboldened by community aggression and used that fuel to charge Zimmerman with murder 2 instead of the far more appropriate manslaughter or accidental homicide. Pan down, they were scared to go for anything else. They are scared of public outrage. Not shockingly, the prosecution has just tabled manslaughter as a charge the jury can consider in their deliberations, and, with an incalculable amount of audacity, they made a bid for felony murder based on CHILD ABUSE. The latter was denied. Queue Herbert Morrison.

Oh the humanity.

They just admitted that they haven’t hammered home the murder 2 case.

Judge Debra Nelson lost the plot yesterday and showed a marked lack of composure and a hot head. Flexing her muscles for no apparent reason at all and coming off unweaned if you ask me. The old gal must know that her time in the national eye is winding down. Give us a show Deb, by any means. If I were a gambling man, I might bet that you have swayed from the middle before closing statements have even been made. You professional, you.

Sorry, Your Honor.

If George Zimmerman does not get time served and walk out into the guaranteed rage parade waiting outside, then the country has been served a great injustice. A porous case by the prosecution substantiated by an imbecilic star witness. If you are in fact innocent of a crime and a case is brought up against you that in any way mirrors the case brought against George Zimmerman, you have to feel confident that justice will be served and that you will be cleared. If you are found guilty of any crime by the will of such shoddy prosecution… all hope is lost for all of mankind.

If you think that I am on Team Zimmerman, I’m not. The evidence against him simply isn’t damning. He shot the kid and he died. He could have kneecapped him or shot him in the shoulder, but he didn’t.  Trayvon got caught out there. He was a young kid that was extremely unlucky, but not by his own saintly accord. When you get up to no good or live life a certain way, you should not be alarmed at the consequences. No matter how severe they may be. Truth be told, had Martin not been skipping through a gated community at night, he would not be dead right now. Had Zimmerman not been carrying a gun and playing superhero, Martin would not be dead right now. But those two things did happen. They happened at the exact same moment in time and at the same exact geographic location. You can’t redeal those cards. Zimmerman is no hardened criminal; you can look at him and tell. He didn’t plan on murdering anyone. But that is how it went down. Without aggression there would have been no drawing of the gun. There was plenty of aggression. If you can’t acknowledge that Zimmerman seems like a dweeb by nature and that Martin was a seemingly aggressive youth, you are letting your emotions run the rule over you. Without emotion this case stands on the wobbliest set of legs that ever remained standing. With emotion, anger and outrage beckons you to make Zimmerman pay the speculative price.

With a clear head and on middle ground, you just can’t convict Zimmerman of murder. If he loses this case, he’ll win on appeal. The most the State of Florida will get out of George Zimmerman is a few years. The least and most likely amount of time seems to be time served. I’m not in the business of being wrong, but I’m also not scared to be. Either way the gavel hits, there are no winners here. Godspeed.

Dear Rachel. Love, The World: The Kadijah White Chronicles


Rachel Jeantel

Rachel Jeantel

The woman pictured above provided the planet with some of the most prolific testimony ever recorded in the history of first-hand accounts. If you are reading this, you likely already know what I am talking about. The prosecution’s supposed star witness was on the stand for two days in what I consider to be one of the most flaw-ridden decisions ever made by any DA’s office ever. If you asked Jeantel’s twitter following  to testify on the Trayvon Martin case in 140 character or less, you would have gotten a more credible and resonating testimony than what was coaxed out of her clearly intricate web of complexity. Any objections? Does that sound wrong? Did I not hear her correctly?

That being cleared up, a woman by the name of Khadijah Costley White decided that the way Jeantel has been treated in the days following her wonder testimony has just been a low down dirty shame. She has decided to write Rachel Jeantel a public apology… not on behalf of herself, but on behalf of the entire world. Yes, that includes you and me. How omnipotent of her. Please take the time to read as much of this appeal to pacifism as you can, I’ve included it in red print below and it is available by clicking this link: A Letter To Rachel Jeantel, The Prosecutions Key Witness In The George Zimmerman Trial.

Dear Rachel,

I write this as I watch you testifying, tightening your lips, grinding your teeth in an attempt to be stoic, to not break down while you recount the grisly, too-soon murder of your friend. It was probably the most terrifying moment of your life. I can’t imagine listening, helpless, while my friend was stalked and murdered, panicked and afraid. You told him to run. You thought it would keep him safe. What could’ve been going through your mind that day? Did you worry when the phone was cut off? When Trayvon didn’t call you back or return any of your missed calls?

What could you have possibly felt when you found out that Travyon had been killed? Were you able to sleep that night? Have you been able to sleep since? “He sounded tired,” you said today on the stand. You do, too, Rachel. So tired.

Dr. Costley White starts off by describing Jeantel as this stoic figure whose stoicism just happens to be cloaked in virulent ignorance. After all, she is battling off a blood thirsty defense attorney that wants nothing more than to embarrass her and paint her a joke. On second thought, I bet the defense wants everyone to take her very seriously.

Dr. White closes out her opening by portraying to us, her powers of mind reading. She does this little literary dance called “I can’t imagine what you are going through but I know exactly what you are going through” The doc then goes on to predict Ms. Jeantel’s sleeping habits, insinuating that she has not slept in 1 year, 4 months, 7 days because she sounds tired. (That’s 42,595,200 seconds for all you nerds out there) So tired.

Start the apology.

I want to write you an apology for this whole world, even if it’s not my place to apologize. I’m so sorry that you’re sitting on the stand right now, being interrogated like a criminal instead of another victim. I’m so sorry that people are judging you, fixated more on your beautiful brown skin, your carefully applied make-up, your body, your being, than your trauma and your pain. I’m sorry that you were born into a country where a man can pursue and kill a black boy, your friend, and go home the same night with the blessings of law enforcement officers. I’m sorry that you’ve been retraumatized, stigmatized, defamed, and attacked just because you were unlucky enough to love a black boy, to share time with him, to be the last one he ever called.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

Sorry…Because you are on the stand. Because people are judging you. Because of your brown, make-up laced body. Wait a minute, I didn’t even consider her brown make-up laced body until Dr. White just went on about it. Sneaky stuff. More apology… Because you were born in a country where men pursue and kill black boys. (Which makes me feel even happier because somehow I outmaneuvered all those men trying to kill me during my boy years. I’ve made it to black man) Because you were unlucky enough to love a black boy. Dang it. No wonder all of my girlfriends left me, they felt unlucky. “I’m sorry for your loss.” OK, I can’t argue with that.

This letter, I know, doesn’t make up for any of it.

Is where she should have stopped. It would have been a definitive moment. But she goes on.

“This letter, I know, doesn’t make up for any of it.” Not for the unimaginable grief and pain you’ve suffered in the last year. Not for the guilt or shame you’ve probably felt, which no doubt has affected your health and will continue to affect your life, your dreams, your faith. 

Doc White points out that this letter doesn’t make up for the unimaginable grief, pain, guilt, and shame that she has imaginably suffered. Rendering it useless and obsolete. Which is why she continues on. She gets dark here so try to remain optimistic.

I can’t even fix the extreme likelihood that you and your children might soon find it impossible to vote in your home state. Or that you were never taught to read cursive, or that the school you grew up attending was probably more like a prison than a place of learning. I can’t promise that you, or another loved one (or mine) won’t, yet again, die too soon, too young, too black.

But I’m writing this all the same.

You and your children won’t be able to vote in Florida and the secondary school you went to doubled as a prison. Which is why you can’t read cursive. Oh and by they way, if you die, you are going to die too black. I never knew such a thing existed. To surmise, all of this stuff Dr. White is writing won’t make up for or fix anything. But she is writing it all the same. Someone is in the business of wasting time. (Myself included)

There are a lot of hateful things being said about you—comparisons to “Precious” (as if Gabourey Sidibe isn’t a real person or, irony of ironies, that Precious wasn’t also a victim of trauma)

Oh snap. Something else I hadn’t thought of.precious

people making fun of your frankness, your tenacity, your refusal to codeswitch out of your mother-sister-brother tongue. You exemplify, in your girth, skin tone, language, and manner, a refusal to concede. You are a thousand Nat Turners, a quiet spring of rebellion, and some folks don’t know how to handle that.

Someone please bring up “girth” to Rachel Jeantel and see if you get a rise out of her. She is a thousand Nat Turners. A quick look at history will tell you that the rebellion led by Mr. Turner (no matter how necessary) led to the deaths of about 55 white men, women, and children. If she is a thousand Nat Turners then her existence could lead to the deaths of 55,000 white men, women, and children. And if you double that number to 110,000, you get a lowest case scenario number for how many black folks will die as a result of her existence. Quite the quiet spring of rebellion. Don’t blame me, she picked the reference.

In truth, you’re part of a long legacy of black women so often portrayed as the archetypal Bitch, piles of Sassafrasses, Mammies, and Jezebels easily dismissed, caricatured, and underestimated. For black women, in particular, being the bitch represents our historical exclusion from the cult of true womanhood, a theme traditionally bounded and defined by its contrast to white femininity. For some folks, being black and being a woman makes us less of both. 

Let me dumb that down for us: You are a bitch because it is representative of not being accepted into the woman cult because that cult is for whites only.

Allow me to make the last sentence more confusing: Being black and being a woman makes you less of both, but if you are white and a woman you are only less black. If you are black and a man you are less black and less of a man. If you are white and a man, you are more of both. Try to follow along please.

Don’t forget that in just the last few years, Fox News called the First Lady of the United States “Obama’s Baby Mama”

Which was four years after Michelle Obama referred to Barack as her “baby’s daddy”  The hypocrisy. 

that a popular radio host (Imus confess I have no idea who she is talking about) referred to a group of college athletes as “nappy-headed hoes,” and that even a gold-medal Olympian wasn’t able to escape physical scrutiny and bodily criticism on the world stage. This rhetoric is bigger than you, older than you, deeper than you—it is not you.

you know

I hid that last one so Ms. Jeantel wouldn’t have to be badgered by yet another probing question.

I just want you to know: I am so proud of you. In you I see a fierce resistance that reminds me of ancestors past.

What am I on crazy pills? What is she resisting? Her desire to bitch-slap (poor choice of terminology) the defense attorney?

Each time you open your mouth, look down, clench your cheeks in a fresh wave of pain, I see Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Fannie Lou Hamer joining their spirits and bonding their strength to yours. I see a survivor, a woman who has miraculously kept her mind and nurtured her sanity enough that she can sit, for hours, and recount such horror.

Dr. White clearly got to view the dvd version of Jeantel’s testimony that included hundreds of minutes of never before seen bonus footage.

You have a brilliance that flares out, only to be quickly veiled by a glance down or a quiet stare. Past your soul-wrenching pain and your child-like bravado, I see hope and possibility, a small green tendril creeping out of a concrete playground. I see YOU. 

So far, the meanest things I have read about Rachel Jeantel are all in Dr. White’s letter. Any menacing thoughts I’ve had about Jeantel’s “child-like bravado” were brought on by Costley White.

I hold you in me—and there are many, many others, with our arms, minds, and hearts holding you right alongside me. I hope you feel it. I hope you know it.

And I’m so sorry that my apology isn’t enough.

Well at least the letter ended spot on. This look-at-me, completely unnecessary, racial tension tensioning apology on behalf of the planet is definitely not enough. But it was an honest effort. Doc, do yourself a favour and apologise on your own behalf. That way you don’t run into any lunatics such as myself that don’t have any problem with your empathising and sympathising , just a problem with you assuming I want you to cosign my name to it.

Thank you and Good Day.

Sex In The Park

25 bike cops catch pair having sex in park.

Richard McBride and Jennifer Harvey

Richard McBride and Jennifer Harvey

What is the thing you want to do most if you are 25 bike cops riding through a park on a training exercise? You guessed it. You want to see THAT man making sweet love to THAT woman.  Let me quote the article:

“These cops needed this image burned into their minds like a fish needs a bicycle.”

I can’t begin to go on and on about how fish don’t need bicycles. I truly and honestly feel sorry for these boys in blue.

Just look at the size of her head. Look at it, is it registering? I mean, that dude has a big head, but Ms. Harvey needed her actual picture to have larger dimensions so we could get a proper look at her. They must be in love.

When they got rolled up on (by 25 bike cops) it was 4 p.m. and a scorching 92 degrees out. So 4 p.m. as in broad daylight. And 92 degrees as in enough sweat to make a blood diamond miner feel dry in comparison to the regions surrounding his salami and her beef curtains.

How did an officer describe it?: “There they are, on the first base line. There’s a bench, she is bent over the bench and our friend is behind her with his pants down to his ankle, banging away.”

As much as I didn’t want to, I’ve imagined the scene very vividly. It’s terrible. I hate to be so mean about it so let me end by saying something positive about Jennifer Harvey… One attractive quality she possesses is that she maintains a residence in Clifton Heights, PA. A safe 140 miles away from where I live.