Chocolate Death

Of all the ways to die, Svetlana Roslina found the sweetest. The Russian chocolate factory worker fell into a vat of chocolate earlier this week and she did not live to tell the sweet tale. There are conflicting stories circulating surrounding the circumstances of this horrible tragedy. Some say she fell in while adding ingredients to the mix, others say she dropped her mobile phone in the vat and unsuccessfully tried to retrieve it. No one has claimed that she actually wanted to die in a vat of chocolate, though many have admitted to wanting to bathe themselves in chocolate on a daily basis. This is her:


Svetlana Roslina, a sweetheart

A local source said “She was minced. Only her legs were left.” Minced. This is what minced pork looks like:


When you hear about someone falling into a vat of chocolate you really want them to come out looking something like this:


Not this:


Or this:


Very sad, she had a husband and two young children. That being said, if you had to die… would a vat of chocolate be that bad? Yes?

Here is the original article: Mother dies after falling into huge vat of melted chocolate


Punk band Pussy Riot jailed

I am going to say as little as possible about this because my maturity levels are too low. This band of rock chicks have been deemed “hooligans” by the Russian government.  They are going to jail for 2 years. Their name is Pussy Riot. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing.

This is them:

The article is here:

Outrage as Pussy Riot members jailed |

This is one of the most bad ass video clips ever. “Activists belonging to feminist group FEMEN have taken a chainsaw to a cross in Kiev, Ukraine, in support of Pussy Riot”:

Pussy Riot verdict: LIVE UPDATES HERE: