The Temporary Feeling (Liberal Hysteria)


You’re reading a blog. By the fact alone it’s safe to assume you don’t live under a rock. You know the US presidential election is over and done with and that Donald J. Trump is the president-elect. Cue the outrage from America’s Left who thought they were going to ride the golden unicorn straight back into the White House. Now I don’t know for sure why their knickers are in such a twist, but I have an idea.

“He who is not a républicain at twenty compels one to doubt the generosity of his heart; but he who, after thirty, persists, compels one to doubt the soundness of his mind.”

A rare version of the quote in that it implies a lack of heart in not being a republican in your twenties. In more common versions the rule goes if you aren’t a liberal in your 20’s you have no heart, if you aren’t a conservative by your 30’s you have no brain. Is that terrible to say? The quote has been attributed to so many people that I am not listing any of them. Pertaining, you can give or take a few years on those age guidelines. So why are liberals so dang scared and upset to the point of tears and needing safe spaces filled with marshmallow fluff and chocolate? Even ones my own age and older!?? (36) They haven’t suffered enough political losses in their life up to this point. And they certainly haven’t had social media to supply their emotions with steroids so they can rage like overgrown body building children. Let’s look at someone my age. 8 years of Obama. That brings me back to 28. (I’ve suffered through two elections, recently) 4 years before that I was 24. At 24 years of age, I experienced Bush being re-elected. He was an incumbent, you have to kind of expect him to win. On the other side, you kind of expect to lose, or at least aren’t surprised when you lose to the incumbent, controversy aside. Note: at 24 I did not pay attention to politics nearly as much as I do now, but even then I paid attention more than most my age.  Another note: Facebook was launched in 2004. I was 24. 4 years before that in 2000 would be the last time Democrats were gunning for a sure fire win and lost. (Al Gore, the poor boy) But there was no Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter (2006) to fuel an emotional meltdown. AND I was 20 and yet to register as a republican. (Conservative Party Of New York now). That was ages ago, there were no safe spaces. The towers went down on 9/11, the smoke was within eyeshot, and we were quickly back to class and not coddled into a nap-time.

Seeing adults act like children makes adults act like children and there is no better place for that than Facebook. Oh, you are hurt? I’m hurt. You’re crying? So am I. My empathy will not be outdone. It’s a snowball effect. Children and pets get away with murder now because instead of being disciplined for fucking shit up, they are made to go viral on the internet. “This is terrible, but people will like it” Living in NY tears me in two. The land of the left, home of the liberal. Such a kick-ass town but the urban areas are blue to the gills.What I see on social media is vociferous outrage and divisive rhetoric being spewed from liberals to the point that makes me wonder how they are the party of peace, understanding, and acceptance. That’s a farce. All this chatter is galvanizing the GOP. Liberals are angering them into unity. It’s now an emboldened base that has chosen to move forward as a united party despite disagreement, a measured move to quell the multipronged attacks levied by the left. Name-calling, endless insults, holier than thou comments, the pervasiveness of which is so much that it can’t be defended. Is it the bleeding heart talking? Are their emotions so vast that when flared up they can not control themselves? I’ve been a republican/conservative for 15 years and only this year have I been called a racist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, and a homophobe. For people with such big hearts liberals sure are pessimistic. They will not give you half of the chance every person deserves, counting out the entire upcoming administration before it even begins its reign. I gave Obama a few years before I knew for sure that he was taking this country in a direction I didn’t believe in. Never had confidence in him but I at least prayed he would unite people and make progress. I also didn’t bash him in public, he was/is the president of our country, and in my opinion, one of the most purposely divisive characters to ever enter the White House.

So many of my friends are liberal. Thinking with their hearts and politics aside, most of them are good people. I didn’t excoriate them for electing a socialist, but they certainly are not returning the favor of keeping the yammer quiet. But they won’t keep it up. One thing I know about most liberals, they don’t really like or pay attention to politics. Hard news is just too hard for them. I’ve given everyone a pass, I’ve tried to keep friendships intact and I will continue to do so until January. Then, all bets are off. I’ll step up my rhetoric and we can all really have fun. I will stop taking those sensitive liberal feelings into consideration and will move forward as I have in the past. And if Trump doesn’t hold up his end, he will be the first to be criticized as well. Social media is supposed to be fun, like an adult playground… but it’s turned into a war zone. You know us conservatives, we don’t shy away from war. I understand tempers are still hot, but it’s time to get on with things. Democrats have 2018 elections to be thinking about and should be trying to court Jill Stein to the party. They’ve lost focus and the sooner they regain it, the better.



Falling From Nancy Grace

“He’s out on bond, driving through Taco Bell every night, having a Churro…”

What an impotent hussy. As if Nancy Grace wasn’t already perceived as ill-tempered and flappable, she has now decided to hammer home those facts by marrying the Hispanic dude to Taco Bell. This should give her career some real definition. Her baby-bottle outrage should somehow be transformed into a concentrated hormone balancing agent by way of electric shock. People should be enraged by her pettiness and trivial deductions, but I don’t feel confident that it will be the case. People are already making excuses for her when they should really be taking her to task. I don’t understand how what she said is acceptable. If she had said that to me on national television I would have embarrassed her as severely as possible. I’d ask her to repeat the Taco Bell comment just before I ripped off my mic and said that the interview is over. This woman has no objectivity in her pint-sized brain and is no stranger to controversy.  I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised by her latest charade. Congratulations on being exactly what is wrong with this country. Congratulations on your tainting of public opinion and immeasurable ignorance. Congrats adding a racist spin onto an already racially spun case. And finally… thank you for enabling me to quote you to describe your brilliant critical Taco Bell statement: “I find that, at the very least, a very poor choice of words”


No Limit Soldiers of Fortune


A friend of mine got me thinking about the U.S. presidency, more specifically the term limits that come coupled with the office. It sounds great if you just take the concept at face value; we don’t want someone to maintain the position of President of the United States for too long so we give them a 2 term limit. Or at least the 22nd Amendment does. So why was the amendment needed in the first place?

Well if you ask me, it wasn’t. We all know that FDR is the only president to serve more than two terms. Only a handful of other presidents have thought to get elected to a third term (Grant, Cleveland, T. Roosevelt, and Wilson). Over the course of 225 years and 44 presidents, it hasn’t posed much of a problem. In fact, could the lifting of term limit restrictions on the office of the president be exactly what the country ordered?

Obama is not the only person I am talking about, he just happens to be in office now and I had never considered the thought prior to a week ago. You run for office on dreams and promises. What you’ve dreamt up for the future of this great country and the promise of actions that will execute your 8 year plan for success. Your first run is incentive based and lined with boundless opportunity. During your second run you still have that glimmer in the eye and a perceived purposeful resolve. Then you get elected to your second term in office and your actions are no longer incentive based. You don’t have to fight for your job or maintain a glowing image because there is no future for you in the high office you hold. It’s only natural for someone to take their foot off the gas, much like a soldier at war that is going home in 2 weeks. Perhaps you drop back a bit. Maybe you don’t throw yourself in the face of danger and instead, opt to standby cloaked in stoicism. Not so bad, but not so fantastic either. You have an agenda and now that there is no fear of botching an election and becoming a proverbial loser, whatever you personally want to do becomes what happens regardless of the best interests of the country. Bipartisan effort doesn’t mean as much, and if you go far left or far right (whichever you may be) you don’t risk losing anything as long as you don’t do something outlandish that will get you impeached.

But what if that wasn’t the case. What if come year 6, you had to consider your public future as president. What if there existed no red line that you cross then no longer have to worry about an election. Do you try harder? Are you more concerned about keeping the middle thinking portion of the country happy? It’s a big portion. Wouldn’t you be more objective and keep your fire fueled with the same intensity and willingness that landed you in office? I am thinking that might be the case. We are not a country that just sits on its ass and does nothing. Well OK we are, but we have the internets and TVs with 500 channels. This enables us to know more and make our own decisions (if we aren’t being blindly swayed by someone else’s opinion) so the chances of a tyrant getting into office and remaining there indefinitely are slim to none. If someone does remain in office for 3 or possibly 4 terms, you have to reckon they deserve it. You simply can’t be mediocre and march on to a third term. As a country we get fed up with anything and everything. There is no real threat of an office dominance that can be likened to dictatorships or a monarchy. It’s virtually impossible. We vote people out of office, it’s what we do. The average age of a US President entering office is 55 and while I don’t disagree with the current age minimum of 35, I wouldn’t be opposed to raising that minimum to 45 years of age. (I originally had my facts mixed up) A decade of decision making and life experience makes a huge difference. This may raise the average age of incoming presidents and lessen the already rare possibility of a 20 year presidency. Again, in the rare instance that it happens, you have to believe that the person deserves it. Right now the American public thinks 4 years is not enough to do anything, which pretty much mandates a second term. 8 years is a good duration of time to gauge results and decide if a person is heading the country in a certain direction.

This could very well be one of the most asinine things I have ever tried to explain, but for me what it boils down to is incentive. Humans react well to incentive; it’s a driving force that can move mountains. When it’s gone we don’t reach further or try harder, quite the opposite actually and it’s not anyone’s fault… it’s just human nature. I’m eager to hear other people’s opinion about this, especially people that disagree 100%.  I am fully aware of the downside and dangers of not having term limits. I think they should exist, just in different areas of congress. That actually leads me to another crackpot theory that we need limits on the terms of congressman and as an alternate process, let them elect the president. We don’t have to work with the president, they do. We restrict Congress’s powers and keep the people happy by increasing the frequency of elections for the senate, and then put some kind of restriction on consecutive terms. You can be a career politician, but not in a row. Keeping Congress on a tighter leash might keep them honest and as a result, make them the most capable of electing a president they are willing to work with and support.

I am going to try and not go on about politics for at least 6 months. Now that I’ve lost your attention, here is your reward: