Please Disregard.


The latest and greatest buzz is about the tried and true electoral college and how it no longer fits the needs of this glamorous nation. Well, before the 2016 election that wasn’t the case but this particular election showed us how flawed a system it really is. To some. People are crying for it’s dissolve, in effect insisting that the feelings and beliefs of New Yorkers and Californians far outweigh those of the rest of America. We should be using the popular vote to elect our president, right? How do we quiet this babble. How can people be convinced that the system created by our founding fathers is a necessary one? It’s tough because they are box thinkers. Might have to show them. Kind of like how they’d love to filibuster Trump’s cabinet and judicial nominees but they can’t because at one time it was favorable for them to restrict that power. Now the rules need a vote to be changed, a vote they can’t win because the democrats do not and can not control anything at the moment…most especially, themselves. When the law is weakened, people suffer. When rules change, it’s hard to change them back. People love it when the non-application of the law or constitution benefits them, but they will be the first to point at the rulebook and hold up the constitution when they feel wronged.  So get rid of the electoral college, let’s pretend it’s gone. Now what? Now let’s switch the numbers around. GOP registered voters skyrockets (which I think will happen in real life)… When the left loses ONE election by the popular vote they will call for the re-establishment of the electoral college. They will all of the sudden be constitutionalists. It’s mercenary politics that they play and it’s by that game that they defeat themselves. I’m not complaining. They can live in a fantasy world if they want to, they simply should not be surprised that we remain unlike them in that we do not dream in crayon.