Pub serves super-sized 150oz steak

Pub serves supersized 150oz steak which costs £110 and is 4″ thick

Everyone direct your attention to his pinky finger which is being held up and out of the way as if he is garnishing a cheese and caviar plate.

12 inches wide, 12 inches long, and 4 inches thick. That is nearly 10 pounds of meat for anyone that needs the ounces translated.

This article is from The Sun so you know they said something appalling. For example: “They tip the scales at 9lb and more than half a stone – about the same weight as a newborn baby.” 

Don’t shake your head at me in disgust, it was The Sun I tell you! I personally would have compared it to a large tumor or an adult human head. Spare the children, please.

(Pub Owner) Ashley said: “The 150 oz steak is huge, people think it’s easy to complete but when faced with it, it’s a lot tougher than you think.”

I, like you, want to meet the people that think this is an easy task so I can say:

At about 110 British Pounds or 175 US Dollars, it hardly seems worth the effort. Do I want one? Absolutely, if not simply for the photo opportunity.  Here is the place: The Duck Inn at Oakenshaw