Quiet Hounds = Loud Sounds

Quiet Hounds

On February 24th, 2013 at 6pm eastern time there is a Quiet Hounds concert that you can attend no matter where you are at that given moment… so long as you have the internets. Here is what’s happening:

You can buy a ticket online for an affordable $4.99 here: Quiet Hound Tickets

Just click on the buy button and follow some simple instructions and you will be able to watch what they have described as an “intimate, storytelling WEB CONCERT…” Basically we get some insight on these mysterious men in masks that make insanely good music. Who, what, and why… just answer the dang questions!

Yes, there is a teaser video:

I’d like to think I have some decent music taste so let me just tell you that the recurring thought I have had since this band caught my ears is that they are freakishly, eerily, almost uncannily good. If you need proof that the live show is worth your 5 bucks, just watch this performance of the song I Get Up:

They are making it very easy to like them. And since we can’t all just get up and go to Atlanta, they’re going to bring Atlanta into our homes. It’s a very nice gesture. If that’s not enough, there is buzz of what is being described as “The Hound Signal” (refer to Bat Signal) that your town can create and use whenever the Quiet Hounds are needed. Here is how it works:

signal hounds

I know you like it.

I wouldn’t miss out on this opportunity. This is pretty much cutting edge stuff, if one of your go-to bands is from a state a thousand miles away… you can still enjoy the live show in the comfort of your own home. Who knows, with enough alcohol and a proper surround sound system you won’t even know you aren’t in Georgia.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite tracks by them. Again, they ooze talent and this is more proof:


Quiet Hounds Facebook     Quiet Hounds Twitter


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